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Tick-tock clock struck 365days

mulenga.jpgThe clock has turned around again. Anniversary badges decorate my mailbox.
Like any anniversary I feel belated. My heart smiles with content, a feeling of belonging swells within my chest as I ponder over all I have gained in blogging.
By writing I have flooded the walls with emotions and endearment as my thoughts flowed with my hand. And in return I have watched myself grow.
Like a nurse I have graphed my growth, beyond the bounds of a prisoner his own success it ascends yet still in my infancy of this lifestyle.
Fame,importance and fairy overnight-success were the primal wants I hoped to find in blogging yet little had I known that blogging was nothing but an extension of one’s own self. 
Like the real society, it has friendship, love and trust which can be earned with time and shared by those worthy of it.
Happy anniversary to you readers!!!!  


Possessed by a surge of fury concealed in empathy aroused by the Guardian facebook publication today (2/10/2014) headed “focus on US ebola case shows how cheaply we value African lives” http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/01/us-ebola-cheap-value-african-lives?CMP=fb_gu .I am forced to publish my newly written draft posts. Insulting though the heading sounds, it is actually painfully true. And one looking at it for the first time would call the western world stupid and egocentric, yet I; though in an African skin and shackled among the Ebola infested rotting corpses of my brethren, offer a nod of affirmation to the white man for this seemingly selfish act. And by my grounds, I blame the black man for he is “ the spoiled child of the celestial homestead” built up yonder in the soaring clouds.
Agile as a panther ,quick as a mountain fox and quick shiny darting eyes are by no means a description enough of my vessel of all beauty in his masculine youthful age; the child of my own making. Sooty is his name.
He walks with a majestic gait, with all authority and confidence, knowing that he earns by birth the privilege of holding the official seal, the crown of my throne. And I as a proud father bestow upon him all spoils befitting a king.
He never toils, for a king needs not to toil. day and night Ladies-in-waiting entice him with all delicacies the best chefs can ever offer.
He knows not the cold, for what makes a king but warm robes and a thick, woolen blanket?
He alone bears the taste on his tongue of the sweetness of true royalty, he that walks with a golden spoon embraced by his thick strawberry lips.
Not even his younger brother, Waxen is allowed to enjoy all these spoils for I allow him not. he must learn to serve his future king,Sooty and must never taste the enchanting fruit of splendor.
Therefore I keep Waxen busy to numb his thoughts on pleasure gulping ideas..
Every fall  I send waxen out in the far lands in battle to prevent him from enjoying the best of part of the season’s royal feasts.
Out of sheer luck or fortitude he survives the bitter winter and returns home with 50 heads of his slain enemies and retires to his tiny hole of a room.
My advisory council tell me it is not fair to treat brothers with such partiality.
“A king must be just, even to his own children” they say, but a king takes no advice from his inferiors about running his home.         Who dare challenges a child of the stars that separation of children’s responsibility creates an unbreakable fortification that makes them foes for eternity.
*** They say A time will come when the kingdom of the crown prince, Sooty, will crumble. For he has learnt nothing but laziness his entire youth.      Not even the wild fruits of summer, the mangoes, the guavas or the juicy caterpillars of  spring will save him from starvation.
And while he languishes in penury, his brother, Waxen, will out of the skills that you unknowingly taught him, build himself a new empire. A kingdom birthed out of nothing but innovation, determination and perseverance such wonderful skills that Sooty never had a chance to learn.
And when that happens, sooty will live on the scraps of his brother’s table; collected and sent to his  torn palace.
He will live as a beggar, enslaved by his own laziness and leashed to the foot of his brother’s stool.
Yet his loyal subject will never lose hope in praying for a miracle of hard-work and consistency to shine upon their king as they wait in vain for his order to rebuild the kingdom.
Waxen will forever entertain his guests with fairytales of a distant yet present part of the world where  a lazy man  with a treasure of  leadership scrolls and fruitful, water-bulging lands sold off his dignity and land to his own brother all for crumbs of bread baked by his own chefs.***
What a heartbreaking moment it could be if it came to pass, yet with my kingly  wisdom I know it shall. but even if this comes to pass I know as much as Waxen knows, of one ability that is stunningly present yet dormant in Sooty which no king has ever had; the flexibility of his mind as to learn almost any complex idea with great ease. And this when realized will snap him free of his entangled leash and will set the pillars of a great kingdom.
This ability sets Waxen’s eyes ablaze with scourging fear and I know he will suppress it to his last breath, while indirectly using his brother’s unrealized ability to build himself a kingdom.

What Christianity has always missed

When I think of this moment, I am filled with much uncertainity as to whether to blog about it or bottle it up because of something greater that weighs me down and reminisces something of the other part of me that I’ve always kept hidden on the shelves. Yet sharing both would not hurt as much as doing otherwise with my friends on the other electronic end .
Three months of thinking and planning I knew I had stumbled upon one little yet valuable aspect that people of the Christian circles had always overlooked.

In all my life like any other person, I had been peddling up influence; both in the most unsuspecting and suspecting ways and in my quest I realized it had as well crossfired an effect on me, it had carved a new personality in me, a personality that could never be effaced by sheer downsides. In me I now saw a person who would do something on critical grounds of acceptable morals and perfect motive.
All the works of burning out my eyes in forbes articles, detailed research on the core of humanity, wasting out the grains of the hour glass in studying man and all there’s to know about his nature, driving force, manipulation turned me into a quiet yet persuasive thoerist ready to use my artillery in piecing my own success.
Yet little did I know this had transformed the spiritual section in my vaults, I had successfully stayed for months without sinning and I knew I had found one awesome thing not perceived by many.
By setting other positive virtues one is capable living a sinless life.
It doesn’t matter whether one has the title of Christian or not, for Christianity is not a religion as most understand it but a lifestlye that anyone was capable of taking up.
I knew this was a great discovery in the circles of sages and I was eager to stash my work into the faces of those eager to live a sinnless life for I knew it was posssible when topped with other basics on psychological weaknesses of man.
With confidence, boldness and endurance man can excel in any areas of choice for it is one’s own desire of belonging that always betrays him.
When you ask yourself why certain good principles are compromised by even the seemingly principled folks, it is the desire to have company that desperately leads to giving in to anything just to have friendship.yet man hardly knows that at any given time any opposing parties are at the same level of giving up as ever and it’s only one who holds on for an extra second that always wins.
Shrewd business wigs would tell you that in every bargain, the first to talk always loses and everyone goes into any bargain with a view of securing their piece of pie but few such people ever think of applying this logic to life itself.
Definition of any society lies in the minority population of those that careless about what others say for an instant, for they know the same people would turn around and throng back to them.
With this I thought I would make a difference by letting the right and interested people know. But I was wrong about one thing.
It hurts to admit but realized not all this was applicable to all.
It had for an instant worked well for me yet it could not perfectly work for all, life isn’t one thing that can be governed by rules.
And as such neither could a lifestyle be.

Even if it worked it still lacked the main spice of religion, people would be righteous but what would happen when the tables wobbled? What would happen when trays overturned?
It would all crash to shambles like anyother theory that spiritualists have thought of and abandoned. It lacked the tact and needed a blend. It lacked needed final stitch to tuck it up. It lacked love.
I’m sure you are already thinking love is an easy get but logically who would love a person that had existed 2000 years ago if we cannot show much affection to a grandfather only two generations behind us.
Blasphemous as it sounds at first but it makes much sense as it unfolds. The apostles were devoted because they had his affection and shared memories with him, and us distant as we are in time how would we claim to love him as they did other than the “because mumy said so” kind of belief?
Impossible as it may now seem to love him, a better altenative has been offered that will generate a more permanent affection than the former. We need to begin by understanding the general core of man through self introspection: his strengths, his falls and all there is to know. By learning this which of course is impossible to complete in any man’s own life time then we can have a glimpse of what it is that we desire and we would be closer to beginning our next exploration; studying the the nature of christ and his main interests in us that make him keep coming back to us. This is another challenging task yet it can be partially achieved by being alert to all happenings and decoding his presence in every happening that occurs in our lives.
*No man can ever tell us how to be more attached to God but it is a discovery that we need to make on our own, in our own style. And it is one that is blurred and therefore needs constant effort to keep it clear even when it has been discovered


It may not be perceptible to all, but blogging is reality. It is an extension of who we truly are. A platform on which we all freely display our talents and abilities, those that our immediate society forbids us to, by virtue of it undermining us, intimidating us or not giving us a chance to express them.

At first it all begins like a natural human urge to be recognized and to feel important, this may be concealed in something else but it is an undeniable fact. Stats are all what matters at first and we spend much of our time reading blog posts of how others managed to build a great throng around them and how they have managed to maintain it.

We begin to write like them. In the formats that we think are crowd pulling and soon all our ambitions are directed towards posting on things that would push the juice in the meter to the other end. And every time we post we impatiently await the first likes and comments and even go to the extent of convincing our dearest ones to make an appearance on our blogs.

When we get to see the mileage escalating, we feel content with our work and begin to make as many posts as we can. We finally feel how good blogging really is. And coming to think of it, it gladdens us to see a person from the other end of the world liking our post and making two or so comments.

We finally get to have the feeling of importance knowing that somebody out there somewhere is eagerly waiting to read our next post.

But wait a minute! Is this what blogging really is? It is only a façade of the real thing called blogging life. Like a new bride who has just been ungagged in front of a new house, it is the first sensation that we get and the initiation into this family begins at a later stage or at times even never.

When we begin to realize stats are nothing but numbers and that our readers don’t actually own our blogs but we solely decide what to post, when to post and which crowd to keep around, then we are taking the first step to initiation into this wonderful family. We are blotting out the irony that keeps the art of blogging hidden to the unkeen eye.

As we begin to be introduced to this wonderful thing called blogging, we now realize that it is more than just a literal enhancing platform but a growth stimulating environment.

By free writing and self-expression, we free our emotions loosen the heavy burdens that stress our  lives. This gives room to clear thinking and an air of relief and calmness arises as if one just soaked all his problems in a gallon of brandy but with a better effect, it allows us to now reflect on our own lives as though they were a specimen from without. Life starts to make more sense and this in turn enhances self-development.

By looking at one’s own posts after an interval of time one begins to spot out the areas of timidity that were shown when it was first written and one then starts to assess his life to see if weak link is still in him.

One admiration that I hold for real bloggers is their unwavering spirit that governs their judgment basing on what their hearts want them to do because it is the right thing and not what society wants them to. It is as if they have broken the natural spell of desire of belonging and recognition that has hypnotized man into making wrong choices in life in an effort to pedal up influence. But they instead have ridden beyond the desire to hold the wand of hypnosis and are now at another level which common man is yet to attain. A level of humility and lack of desire for reciprocation for any good deed.

I am proud to be part of this blogging family even though it took me quite a long time before stumbling upon it.

Blogging is real and it’s what makes all genuine bloggers that do it for their passion ALIVE! 

A blog must shape you and not derail you

Dear readers

Thank you all for sacrificing part of your time for a good cause by viewing my blog posts despite my recent inactivity. I’ll be giving you a treat tomorrow on the 7th of June as I post on “Purity of Heart is attainable”. Be sure to check it out and see my thesis and angle of argument

Happy moments, A recollection

The best words about a person are known to be said at one’s funeral, when people begin to feel the impact of one’s absence in their lives.

But for a great person like My father I believe he deserves being accredited while he still lives. And no day is more apt than today, the day when he celebrates his anniversary in this institution called life.

Not so long ago, I considered this very man as just any other parent doing what every other parent would do to make his family happy. Maybe I was right about that, or maybe not. Or  maybe I was just too busy hailing   myself for my “greater than age” achievements.

I knew I had achieved a lot in too short a life time, and by the look of things another “Solomon” would eventually shoot out of me in less than 2 decades, this was enough for me not to keenly look around and observe the triumphs of others, for I had discovered an even better and more adventurous way of learning about life; the art of understanding every artifact that nature holds(with man included) and drawing lessons. Yet this began to change when I discovered this in my mathematics book in my twelfth grade:


(you are walking in your Dad’s steps)

It had been written by my mathematics teacher after marking my book and it was the first  note that was ever put in a student’s book. It raised much curiosity on the subject that I had always failed to answer: “Why was everyone dying to get my my Dad’s advice on all critical issues?”; “Why did they inwardly hold him in awe when they were just about his age and probably level of thinking?”

It was one impossible question that I had asked myself quite often in the past yet without finding an answer but I was now determined more than ever to unearth it this time.

When I finally did, I was shocked to discover that there in his simplicity, in his lifestyle, in his every action lay the answer. He had done his home work about  life, pretty well.

He had managed to understand himself and learn about mankind in a way that most people fail to. and after all his lessons he was neither too rigid and over principled nor too flexible, for man was not meant to be a robot governed by a set of principles made and tested by the most successful men that have ever lived, but a wise being with the ability to know when  and when not to use which principle. and in this field Dad had really aced.

Like a puzzle, every piece began falling into place and I discerned, with no regret though, that I needed not to go far in my quest for knowledge as most lessons could have been learnt from him. And one priceless lesson his life has given is the primacy of motive over deeds, for with the right driving motive I get out of bed and continue with life’s adventures even in cases where a substitute motive would call for quitting.

When I thought about how I had failed to slip out of his rules in my childhood and how he had always managed to gain enough influence in every society, I realized that he had managed to unconsciously and psychologically wield trust and authority in the most unsuspecting way, a golden skill that every leader must have.

As a birthday present I wish him tons of health and happiness, for that is what he needs as a father,husband and somebody others look up to.


Taking my last glance at the world that I so dearly loved I see nothing but the polished axe of justice only inches away from my face that is about to end my days on earth. I try to avert my eyes to avoid the reflection on its shiny side that meets my eyes, yet the effect is so great for the muscles of my neck to beat.
In it I see the Me that I’ve always known. I see my past and how it has brought me to the present. Like a dream I begin to replay the film of my entire life.
Out infancy grows little me; an honors’ kid with no record of failure. Extra abilities begin to cook up within, I get the oratory skills, discernment, diplomacy and everything else a man of 30 can ever wish.

Out of me sprouts the little genius that drops the jaws of all passersby in awe of this phenomenon. Trust is the word that every eye sees inscribed on my forehead. And behold I am honored with  the axe of justice as a mark of authority; first a small one then later a big one fit enough only for the Kings.
Yet like a rabid dog, pride begins to eat away all the good in me. ‘I’ is the only word that remains in my vocabulary. I begin to seek absolute attention and excessive pleasure. Obsessed with the desire for influence and securing my loot, I begin to grow deaf to the plights of others and my sight is finally taken away. Everyone disappears to the Ghostly world and only appear when I need their services.
The axis of the world is finally reduced to the size of my palm, and the world is finally in my grasp. With the axe of justice in my other hand, I begin to cut my way through the human forest to absolute control.

The dripping blood on my axe and the innocent corpses at my feet bear no effect on my conscience. The spirituality and humanity in me are all clogged with obsession.

Like a spider I unconsciously spun my own web of fate. And at the appointed time I was entangled without hope of escape. Unlike the past ditches I had hauled myself out of with the help of deception and pretense, I knew this one was too great for me to break loose. I knew my days on earth had plummeted. By my own axe I was dragged to this moment; My very last hour on earth, kneeling before lynch man.
I imagined how a piece of metal not even half my weight could so quickly end my life once it swept its way past my neck.

I marveled at how a reflection on this piece of metal could bring a full revelation of my past life in less than a blink of an eye. I wondered even more how I disguised the truth with a choice of self-assuring words. Like one watching a movie for the first time I hated myself for all the mess I had caused.

What had finally wedged my eyes open? A single piece of metal on a wooden rod? With all my sharp-wittedness, how did I miss every detail or even fail to see I was going of course?
I was going to pay for every misdeed but I know even if my head falls off my shoulders and soils itself in the dirt, I will still reincarnate. And in my next life, I will right every wrong I made. Like a farmer I will grip my plough and plow the fields of serenity.
With a swish, a new thought twitched within me. “Was I the only culprit? How many people from the crowd behind the hangman were as guilty as me?” “EVERYONE!” Was the answer that came from the depths of my heart. It was the nature of man to consider his needs and secure his achievements before considering those of others. And if his needs and whims are carelessly let loose, their effects on the beholder  are overwhelmingly stunning as to hypnotize one into even banishing his dearest ones to “the land of the forgotten”; a treacherous act against one’s own principles, just clear the way for “success”.
The only antidote to this is Love and Self-introspection and that is the gift I give you all this Easter for choosing golden morals.

Would You Marry You?

A special day like this one reminds us of the fact that there is more to life than work. It doesn’t matter whether you are existing as a “ghost”(the temporarily forgotten ones without anyone to share this special day with) or as a full flesh-and-bone human in an umbrella of love today, you still must pull up your boots and walk right into the dazzling light of life.
It is a day when you have to cave in to the needs of the person next door.
But have you ever wondered if it was really generous of you to only do this once in 366 days?
Are the people you are sharing quality time with the same people you had on last year’s list?
Well I don’t think so.
The other person fell off the list because he(she) was too inconsiderate, too mean, too self-centred to be kept on your friend list. You felt like crap under the roof of this attention-seeking person and so you had every reason to unfriend him.
Was this person really as bad as you think?
In life at times there comes a time when we make wrong judgment and assumptions about other people that we even fail to see the good in them. There are no perfect beings, yet we continue to despise others and only praise a few that we think are “angels.”
How stunning it is that when two people make nearly the same mistake, one is scolded for carelessness and negligence while the other is thought to have done it out of pure innocence. We bring to surface the past wrongs of the former. Whether they were a natural slip up or an intentional reaction we do not care. We confidently claim to know the latter better than anyone else; even better than the person himself. We take no account of the other side of the story for our judgment was made long before the wrong was even done.
Yes we know this “offender” keeps grudges so it is unnecessary to take in the details for we know his history.
Are you really being the fair judge you claim to be? I think you just missed the actual person who is this worse. Look into the mirror and you will get a full view of him.
Life has taught me one good lesson: never to criticize anyone, for I might as well do what the latter did if I were in the same shoes and under the same circumstances.
~would you marry you? ~
The question you must ask yourself today is whether or not you would marry yourself(a replica of yourself)
The best way to fully understand and know the type of people you would like to interact with is by first understanding yourself.
It would be very naive of an astronomer to continuously peer into the sky in order to “read” it without first knowing the lay of the ground on which he treads while he works. For he would eventually fall into a ditch and break his spine for not knowing there was a ditch lurking ahead.
Learning how to “smell one’s own breath” is the only sure way of making oneself cautious about keeping his breath fresh all the time.
This valentine’s day I would like us all to:
1.Be considerate when making decisions, in order for us not to hurt other.
2. Aim at fixing our personality slip ups
3. Be understanding and try to imagine what reaction our actions would bring upon us if we were in the shoe of the “listeners”
4. Develop ideal communication skills to enhance our human interaction I this interdependent world.
5. Be keen enough to understand the mechanism of ourselves before taking a leap into knowing others.


Sitting under a thick tree to catch a nap after a good day’s work at the farm, I tried to take a bite at the last slice remaining in the basket to stuff my rumbling stomach but this was barely done for I saw a remarkable thing happen that forced me to abandon my meal and bleed the spectacular event onto my note book, for it was worth more than my hunger.

There before my eyes, a fully ripe grape fell into the stream that ran downhill to a big fish pond. And there it started its ride to the fate. I watched it “swim” past some bumpy rocks and finally fall into the pond. There in the pond it was crushed between the jaws of a merciless fish.

How terrible it must have been to have such a bad ending for so sweet a grape. And as I was thinking about this, another grape fell into the river but at least it got luckier for it got stuck in some overgrowth beside the stream. Yet its luck did not last a minute, for other grapes that had simultaneously “plummeted” into stream sent a couple of ripples towards it and once again the stream championed out and drove it into the mouth of another fish.

This caused a series of questions to overwhelm my brain.

Why did all the grapes have the same fate?

Why was the second grape’s victory so short-lived?

Why was its course so deceptive?

If it were human, could it have hauled itself out of the water?

The more these thoughts stirred up in my mind, the clearer my perception became.

I had finally nailed it! I realized man was not in any way different from these grapes!

We are naturally on a roller coaster. What lies ahead we don’t know, for we dare not plan or maybe we are too lazy to do the planning. We let our life rule us and not us rule our life. Yes indeed our brains have gotten a little too obese to stir our own ship towards our destiny, our very own goal.

Laziness seems to have demagnetized our compasses and procrastination has rusted its axle.

Yes indeed I am no exception either. We all wait for life to do what it has to do for us while we stay in our cabins and wait till the ship is wrecked. Our creator generously gave us enough wits to man our lives but the more our little success buttered up our bread, the more our brains clogged with the toxic oils of laziness.

We are really a great bundle of patience. We wait till every luck flies out of the window before we realize we had it.

Every time seems not to be the best time to make that right move but when are you ever going to take that first step? When are you ever going to stop bellyaching and stitch up those loose seams?

Success is never going to walk right into our homes if we don’t invite it. And we can only invite it by putting an end to this excessive patience; procrastination in disguise so it is rightly called.

It is one draw back that shutters all our aspirations. I remember having once fallen victim recently for I too am not a good manager of my own time. It took seven months for me to resurrect my Blog(Website) from dormancy and each time I thought of cranking it to life, there was always one thing that made every moment not a good time for that. But I later came to discover it was I who was the problem not the circumstances. And I finally realized circumstances are only external factors that hinder success, the main stumbling block to every success happens to be man himself.

This is one special element that is missed by many. Imagine how we manage to override external factor when we desire something that isn’t right ours. Which thief ever thinks about how many people are present at the would-be crime scene? He always finds a better way of using that number(crowd) to his advantage.

When we look back at our past and recall how many portions of luck slipped through our fingers we always justify our failure by convincing ourselves that we were either  too over ambitious as every young person naturally is or we only ring a consolation bell in our heads saying “that wasn’t meant to be and maybe you could have stepped into knee-deep trouble if you took that direction” is this really a perfect assumption, arrived at after series of page-flipping in your book of wisdom? I think not, I think is the fox’s assumption of sour grapes after failing to pluck any from the tree.

Despite all this, I believe man is at times only a shout away from turning failure into success. It only takes a word for things to change and life(and God) only waits for this word to pull one out of misery. A little less complaining and a little more action is what it takes to pan one out of the roller coaster and make him a perfect captain of his own ship.

Life is like the old genie in the lamp, you never get what you want until you spell it out.


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