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The apple dropped

Even when life goes on in its full normalcy, I am always aware of a strong force around me, a force stronger than gravity. It pulls me in this wonderful yet empty orbit called virtue.
And within it I find embedded: love, kindness, sacrifice. And even when I swim ashore as I often do, its ripples knock me back into the orbit. #life_in_its_entirety_in purity of heart.

little tidbits about little me

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Look back in your life today, travel back to the first time that you had your first friend that wasn’t a next door kid. And the other time that you had your little moments of satisfaction at being smarter than those around you at something or the first people that you always crave to show off to each time Daddy got you a new toy and once in a while, it would eventually find its way into your bag when Mum wasn’t looking and would finally jump out of the bag at break time when the coast was clear. When any of these thoughts cross your mind, one word gently echoes in resonance; school! Those were one of the best childhood moments you ever had and of course amongst them were a few embarrassing moments too, you can’t help holding back your laughter and a flush of embarasment in your cheeks, when you remember some of the childish little things your mind could cook up in those days. And of course a little degree of jealousy comes in when you see kids of today acting much smarter than you were at their age. It’s like they skipped one stage in their growth and there is no telling how much smarter they will be when they reach our age if whatever factors cause them to be this smart continue to be at play.
It gives me so much joy watching little kids thinking like little Einsteins and when I grow up I’ll give my kids the best Childhood I never had! At least I’ll be glad saying yeah! That’s my kid! ….. But that’s not all, I still can make a difference now, by vouching for my little siblings so that my parents get them the best childhood ever! And that begins with getting them best school places on offer.
Looking at the Northern Region of Zambia I believe no offer beats Fountain School.
Yet my opinions stands to be corrected although I confidently would hold on to what believe because when you consider all angles at play; the devotion they add to their services, the flexibility in going for what yields the most infant mental growth and their methods of delivery in which learning is unbounded by the classroom wallsa unique on-the-site learning experience which makes learning fun such as school tours. Even without this, the class of most homes that entrust their kids to this school being elite big wigs and the extra touch to discipline and… and…. and the favourable moral growth of its environment all make me want even more to take my kids thei, or at least my sibblings for now before I have a home of my own since I know my parents can afford the fair price at which all this goes; I’d say it’s my first step to getting them the childhood I’ve always dreamed of.

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Irecollect on my early days of blogging and with unceasing admiration that I always find in this post, I think I’d openly crown it my masterpiece. A post that trippled my number of followers overnight. Read throughand see how much content it holds.

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Glancing into the hearts of the “STAUNCH CHRISTIANS” with my quick darting eyes, I see total submission to the torments and pains life inflicts upon them. And often I hear the suppressed question escape my lips, “why did you choose to take up that heavy load on your back?” And the general answer I get is “God commanded every person that calls oneself a christian to denounce oneself and take up one’s own cross and follow him.”
And when I get this response I often go into a bad convulsion of heart-piercing grief and distress. “Did this person really see what he was putting on his shoulder when he first started carrying this wheel spanner for a cross????……….” I would think.
True enough we all have to carry our own crosses and denounce our Earthly inclinations for we are pilgrims on our way to Heaven but often we give…

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Sobs Of a Repentant Heart

Like maggots, we were birthed out of death. Conceived by a rotting corpse.
Yes, yes indeed that’s how nauseating our existence is.
And not just any corpse, but a wounded corpse of a man who once called himself God. His body, rippened by the inflicted wounds for its last purpose: to birth a colony of worms, Maggots, and nothing any better.
Like a catalyzed process, it conceived us in 3 days and OUT we bit our way out to the outside world, taking in as much flesh as our stomachs could hold and soon our adventure began which later became a nightmare for the weak-hearted like me….

12 hours outside that rolled tombstone, my eyes have become weary. Disillusioned by the disappointment that comes with facing retality of the famously “taled” legends of a world called Earth. I have bitten deep at the juicest fat called money, yet my tongue rebels with abhorrence for its taste. I have rubbed my skin with the purest of gold, yet my itchy spots never seize, I have drunk to the very bottom of wealth yet my thirst is never quenched.
Could it be that this quest is meaningless? But why do many keep striving hard to obtain even the tiniest fraction of this loot called wealth?
I realize my foolishness and even with the little time left before my metamorphotic transformation into a chrysalis, I will still head back to the tomb.
I don’t care how many of Pilate’s men will be standing by the entrance or how many of the clumsy feet of those women will show up to tend the corpse. I don’t care whether they will smear poisons on the corpse to end my life as a parasite without its host. In fact I don’t really care about death for I had already cursed it upon myself the moment I left that tomb.
I will return to my host and have one last bite at his tender flesh to satisfy my cravings. Or at least I will die trying to return. That is far beyond good. I would not like to have my ghosts haunt me into my chrysalis; thoughts of why I didn’t heed the warning of maggot troop 13 or the scepticism of troop 21. How could I be so foolish not to think any better. Indeed I’d rather be stomped over and killed than have those thoughts follow me into my Chrysalis.~
I have bled my pains to the last drop yet nothing seems to be any different. Maybe it’s my worry of whether or not my audience will take personal introspection into consideration, or maybe it’s because I know of another hypnotic force that hinders creatures from reaching out to God.
We call it TIME. Odd as the spell combination looks, it robs a well meaning man of his good motive and leaves nothing better than a walking corpse.
By its magical swings, it hypnotizes people to sleep with one chiming “ding” and with another, it tosses off their blankets and forces them to work with its charming promise: “work my sons….. I will give you a pay check this month end” And when its gears have all turned zero, it announces a new year and raises false hopes of freedom and allows them to make resolutions which, like those of politicians, never come to pass.
Therefore knowing of its sorcery, I will gag my eyes and bud my ears and attack it to enchain its hands with chains of fortitude and locks of determination, never again to let it bring another day after this Easter, never again to let me fall back into sin. For my mind will forever keep the scars of my transgression indelibly stamped on my heart and never to be erased by Time.

Analysis of Zambian Politics 2015 onwards

In as much as I may be neutral and uphold my convictions that the type of government doesn’t matter as much the kind of heart its leader has for development of masses, it is still cardinal that important matters have to be talked about if their benefits can help shape the future of a nation.
Zambia has seen a new turn in the field of political growth and if well nurtured would soon attain greater heights. with less of political violence perpetuated by cheap arguments and better conduct of candidates, it is evident that we have matured and will conduct future elections in a more civilized and respectable manner.
After the death of the late President last year, I calculated a great deal of anarchy and blamed most of it on him for tactfully suppressing opposition by other political parties during his reign and for not grooming a candidate to replace him, which of course as at now most people have forgotten that he never actually did but only left people with their own assumptions and an inevitable indoor striffle(confusion) within the party. However little did I perceive that time that his actions, most likely unknowingly, were slowly hatching a healthier ground for political maturity.
Briefly looking at his work I would say he knew his calculations so well that he took aggressively risky decisions. At times certain decisions have to be taken regardless of what the general public thinks and it is his aggressive temperament that won people’s confidence in him. Probably he had taken keen interest in the methods of American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but whatever his inspiration was, he had come close to being an ideal politician. Politics is one profession that requires mastery of the skill of doing less talk and letting people make their own assumptions, if a leader is considered to be a level head by the public then unconsciously they make good justifiable reasons on one’s behalf for every deed one makes. It’s like the bible theory in which Christians try interpret every word of the scripture as a holy coded message even those that aren’t.
And I would say he achieved this much because no one raised a stiff eyebrow on the source of the money for developmental projects like multi-kilometre road construction and repurcursions on the future generations in terms of payments. No one ever thought why previous govenments didn’t run several multimillion projects in the shortest timeframe and everyone thinks he did a billion things but can’t count more than ten.
This however isn’t much of my concern as at now but his muting of opposition and creation of a possible in-party tension and his death are my main attention, because these are what birthed this new evolution in the political field.
With the “loud” politicians gone, professional politicians of a quiet temperament like Hakainde Hichilema and upcoming potential, eloquent think-tanks like Elias Chipimo will now have a chance to take the stage and move politics to another level. But since change is a gradual process it would be good to keep them a little longer in opposition while that change is fully instilled in the minds of the citizens and for the candidates themselves to gain a little more experience. Yet how long we should keep them is a sensitive question that needs brisk response because we do not know when which party would like to replace its fore-leaders.
With the increasing distrust in biased information services like the Zambian Watchdog yielding growth in people’s judgmental skills and ability to analyze information in preference to taking it raw, we have a green light that people have awakened and will show active intellectual participation in governmental issues.
Whether we opt for continuity of the PF rule or choose UPND is not the main matter, but how we want to shape the future of elections in Zambia and the kind of leaders we shall put our faith in in the forthcoming general elections in 2016 must be decided after this week’s January 20th elections. We need to critically analyse the conduct of both the winning and losing teams and see how much effort the winning candidate will put in serving his people while weighing all matters at stake in every decision he makes.
It’s not about the party or tribe but the kind of heart one has for his country with consideration to his intellectual skills.

impact of the media hack and false World War III alert


The hacking of some of UPI US News twitter accounts today shows us how making the world a smaller place by reducing everything to a click can bring its own costs.This Friday afternoon, the twitter accounts of United Press International and the New York Post were hacked, tweeting that the US and China had begun a war at sea and that the Pope had announced the start of World War III.” You can get rest of the story on this link http://t.co/NRdHg3NLSp .
Among other publications during the hack, Chinese leader Xi Jinping was allegedly quoted in a tweet that said “Obama “condemned” for Asia pivot , and “has forced China to protect its interests through military means”

All the incidents led to an aftermath panic by the two news agencies in which the Post deleted the tweets and had to alert the public of the situation and a similar step was taken by the UPI.


This incident clearly points out some inevitable consequences that are surely bound to come with the world taking another turn in the age of cutting-edge of technological tides. This will most certainly set new ripples of fear in people knowing that if big companies could be so helplessly hacked by criminals then their safety and the safety of their accounts lay in the hands of luck and time. The news agencies will certainly redirect funds into fortifying their cybersecurity and in response to today’s attack the government will as well consider looking into cyber-crime with new vigor as this attack is likely to cause a slight stir in the long term massive business endeavors by the business community between the two countries.
These are however growing pains and must in no way impede our tech advancements. What is the meaning of “secure” when you don’t have a once in a while “break in”? It keeps our security measures in check and upgraded.
On the positive side, this hack has stalled if not completely prevented any possible military aggression whether imminent or not and will see a smooth relationship between the two Nations for even over 35 years. A behavioural psychologist would agree that ambitious and enabled people mostly never like their next actions being predicted and would rather throw away years of effort if they have to, in order to change course. Hence we will see the tolling friction between the two countries lessening, yet looking at the enormousness of the two countries it is highly unlikely that the reconciliation will be done on the stage but rather secretly and diplomatically.
Looking at how social networking has changed us and how unimportant as it might have been initially considered in the fight against cybercrime, I believe it is time that we as independent users took a different approach as to how we use it. Knowing that it is our most used end tool in venting our emotions and the best place to go to when learning about someone’s personality, it will soon if not already be an efficiently tool in workforce employment as employers will now easily shortlist the best people for a particular job based on their personalities too, and all thanks to social networks. Hence job seekers and university grads need to think twice on what kind of personality they show to the world through social networks.

The story never told

Embraced by anxiety as I lunge into the skies of a new found planet I feel my heart throbbing as my seat belt tightens over my shoulder with each new pulse. Before my eyes lies a planet that has been radiating a steady flow of   blue heat; a sign of calm tranquil life and love.
Could this be the long promised land of peace? As I land on the fresh soft land , I see its inhabitants having fun.  True joy is written on their faces,some are wrapped around fireplaces in their homes, others watching moving pictures on a big wall.  others are grouped up in a building marked with a cross, they hold burning tongues of flames in their hands and chant spells like my people do when going to war. Yet I see no cannon balls; no armour around them, and their presence radiates blue heat, not the red Heat of anger and vengeance. I know for once they are harmless, yet their way of life puzzles me.

As I get off my ship, kids with hands tucked in mittens run towards me. They offer me sweet soft food, they say it’s candy and it’s what keeps their hearts soft and keeps the witches away. Indeed it is food of the gods, with one bite my heart melts and I feel the warmth of love growing within me.
The people in the building marked with a cross welcome me, they give me a gift.
They say it’s a talking box that has voices of all my friends that I wish to keep in it, they call it a phone.
I turn to enter one of the houses and its in habitants tell me they’ve been waiting for me.
It shocks me how they don’t shake at the size of my figure my tentacles are no strange sight for them. As if reading my questions they tell me their king has been born with a message of love and peace and as long as he lives on their planet no harm can come to them hence there’s nothing left to fear.
They say he is the ancient one promised to protect them. Every year he is born down the road in a little cave. They say his presence among them radiates enough love to break all spells evil in a man’s heart.
Out in the road I am alone again and I head in the direction of where their king is born and in every window I look through I see beings radiating the blue heat. Indeed this is the promised land, love floats in the air. Its in habitants have no worry. Their faces show no sign of wrinkles. They spend their wealth not on guns and artillery but on food and enticements and anything that brings endearment to their hearts.
I finally reach the cave where their King is said to be born, and there before the child King I see its Mother, a pure fount of white heat.
My kind do not see in colour but only “see” the heat radiated by one’s true emotions, blue shows love, red anger but white is a rare heat radiated only by the purest of heart. At least for once I think I have seen her face like the humans do, in colour. Her beauty resembles that of the great Ayani, The great woman of magnificent beauty prophesied to bring unity among all living creatures of all planets. Her face has never been painted by the finest artists, for her beauty out matches their skills.. But I believe the prophesy has come true before my eyes.
I bow down to pay my respects. With all my discoveries I believe my people will finally have a land to call home, the candy-plains spoken of by the Seers. As I head off, out of the little cave, the woman sees me off. We walk for a short while in silence and I think of what words to pronounce before her, One mistake and I might be banished and so I struggle to choose the words to fill my lips.
While thinking, she points in one direction with teary eyes, I lift up my eyes to see where her hand points and behold I see a radiant red heat in the empty darkness. With a sob in her voice she says,” there lives the Iscariot, In three moons from now my son will be taken away from me by him and the entire cycle will begin again”.
I try to understand what she just said, “three moons” might mean 30 years in my world or even 3 months, which could be March in their world but at least I know “taking away” means killing.
I find it even harder to find words with which to comfort her, so I bow to be excused and run back to my ship to be alone, for at this rate my head might explode.
Like a starved prisoner, my knees melt and I fall onto the deck of my ship. For the first time I realize I had been carrying my gift of a talking box all this while. I rake my hair for answers. Who are these people? Why should they put the pure one in such pain? Why do they let this happen ever year? Is immortality an amusement to them? Why can’t they rid their king of the one they call Iscariot? What place is this?
With anger I tear my gift box to shreds and just as I am about to crush its content, the talking box, it comes to life and the first word it says is “Earth”, “this place is earth”, ” these people are called Humans, the building you went to that had a cross is called a church” “these people are Christians.” Impatiently I ask the talking box what a Christian is and whose voice is talking to me and for what reason the voice was imprisoned in this little cell and all I get is “Siri, Siri is my name. How I exist is for Apple to know. Definition, a christian is a human who claims to believe and pay allegiance to God and his son Jesus.” I could not understand anything. Especially that this Siri said “Claim” then what really was their belief? As I sat down to think, I remembered the other planet I visited months ago was also called Earth. That was the planet where I learnt what intense cruelty really was, I saw men in red heat pounce on the weak and break their spines for a flat piece of wood called money . That was the only planet where the general use of “I” in place of “we” and “us” was a common rule. That is where I extended my vocabulary with a new word called “sin”.
Could this be the same place? I remembered the horror like it was yesterday? Could these people be the same that caused all that evil? I turned to Siri and asked! “Which planet is in area 3221.35 due East of the Martian galaxies?”.
I waited for an answer and after a long paused, the box broke to life saying, “Earth”, “those co-ordinates are for this planet, Earth.” With a puzzled mind I asked again, “then why are they different this time.” All siri could say was, “It’s Christmas. People tend to use less energy during Christmas, like lion cubs fighting for a share of meat and drawing to a pause by the roaring of oldest Lion, Christians try to live as they should for 24 hours out of 8760 hours every year.”. With this I wondered what kind of people the Earthlings were and why was it that they should let the one they called their King remain in a cave when they all clung to the fireplaces? Why weren’t they willing to break the Iscariot spell when they had lived to see it pass ever year? Were they really interested in the reason of the event or only wanted the pleasure that came with it?
And why was it that Ayani chose to reveal herself to such ungrateful people, if she lived among my people she could have been my queen and together we could have written our own legends.



Let your hand flow with your soul in the morning breeze, to explore your mind

Tick-tock clock struck 365days

mulenga.jpgThe clock has turned around again. Anniversary badges decorate my mailbox.
Like any anniversary I feel belated. My heart smiles with content, a feeling of belonging swells within my chest as I ponder over all I have gained in blogging.
By writing I have flooded the walls with emotions and endearment as my thoughts flowed with my hand. And in return I have watched myself grow.
Like a nurse I have graphed my growth, beyond the bounds of a prisoner his own success it ascends yet still in my infancy of this lifestyle.
Fame,importance and fairy overnight-success were the primal wants I hoped to find in blogging yet little had I known that blogging was nothing but an extension of one’s own self. 
Like the real society, it has friendship, love and trust which can be earned with time and shared by those worthy of it.
Happy anniversary to you readers!!!!  


Possessed by a surge of fury concealed in empathy aroused by the Guardian facebook publication today (2/10/2014) headed “focus on US ebola case shows how cheaply we value African lives” http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/01/us-ebola-cheap-value-african-lives?CMP=fb_gu .I am forced to publish my newly written draft posts. Insulting though the heading sounds, it is actually painfully true. And one looking at it for the first time would call the western world stupid and egocentric, yet I; though in an African skin and shackled among the Ebola infested rotting corpses of my brethren, offer a nod of affirmation to the white man for this seemingly selfish act. And by my grounds, I blame the black man for he is “ the spoiled child of the celestial homestead” built up yonder in the soaring clouds.
Agile as a panther ,quick as a mountain fox and quick shiny darting eyes are by no means a description enough of my vessel of all beauty in his masculine youthful age; the child of my own making. Sooty is his name.
He walks with a majestic gait, with all authority and confidence, knowing that he earns by birth the privilege of holding the official seal, the crown of my throne. And I as a proud father bestow upon him all spoils befitting a king.
He never toils, for a king needs not to toil. day and night Ladies-in-waiting entice him with all delicacies the best chefs can ever offer.
He knows not the cold, for what makes a king but warm robes and a thick, woolen blanket?
He alone bears the taste on his tongue of the sweetness of true royalty, he that walks with a golden spoon embraced by his thick strawberry lips.
Not even his younger brother, Waxen is allowed to enjoy all these spoils for I allow him not. he must learn to serve his future king,Sooty and must never taste the enchanting fruit of splendor.
Therefore I keep Waxen busy to numb his thoughts on pleasure gulping ideas..
Every fall  I send waxen out in the far lands in battle to prevent him from enjoying the best of part of the season’s royal feasts.
Out of sheer luck or fortitude he survives the bitter winter and returns home with 50 heads of his slain enemies and retires to his tiny hole of a room.
My advisory council tell me it is not fair to treat brothers with such partiality.
“A king must be just, even to his own children” they say, but a king takes no advice from his inferiors about running his home.         Who dare challenges a child of the stars that separation of children’s responsibility creates an unbreakable fortification that makes them foes for eternity.
*** They say A time will come when the kingdom of the crown prince, Sooty, will crumble. For he has learnt nothing but laziness his entire youth.      Not even the wild fruits of summer, the mangoes, the guavas or the juicy caterpillars of  spring will save him from starvation.
And while he languishes in penury, his brother, Waxen, will out of the skills that you unknowingly taught him, build himself a new empire. A kingdom birthed out of nothing but innovation, determination and perseverance such wonderful skills that Sooty never had a chance to learn.
And when that happens, sooty will live on the scraps of his brother’s table; collected and sent to his  torn palace.
He will live as a beggar, enslaved by his own laziness and leashed to the foot of his brother’s stool.
Yet his loyal subject will never lose hope in praying for a miracle of hard-work and consistency to shine upon their king as they wait in vain for his order to rebuild the kingdom.
Waxen will forever entertain his guests with fairytales of a distant yet present part of the world where  a lazy man  with a treasure of  leadership scrolls and fruitful, water-bulging lands sold off his dignity and land to his own brother all for crumbs of bread baked by his own chefs.***
What a heartbreaking moment it could be if it came to pass, yet with my kingly  wisdom I know it shall. but even if this comes to pass I know as much as Waxen knows, of one ability that is stunningly present yet dormant in Sooty which no king has ever had; the flexibility of his mind as to learn almost any complex idea with great ease. And this when realized will snap him free of his entangled leash and will set the pillars of a great kingdom.
This ability sets Waxen’s eyes ablaze with scourging fear and I know he will suppress it to his last breath, while indirectly using his brother’s unrealized ability to build himself a kingdom.


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