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Perfect Happiness

There’s no easy way to life, live lazy and you rot in misery, live organized and you’ll have more responsibilities thrown your way. But what makes life fun living is the desire to make a change.” – Joseph Kachiliko


Radiant peace

“Everyday is a bad day to start a War, there’s always a new baby being born, a someone having the big day at interviews and another getting a ring on their finger. None of these would let you ruin their moment.”
Make peace whenever you can.
-Joseph Kachiliko –

Thoughts of a woman

He asked me why I made so much fuss about life, with all the hard work and doing things by the book, when death was a sure thing awaiting every man and Devil in the morrow. And I looked up at him and smiled with a smirk of indignation, at how shallow men’s minds could be, the same men that were willing pay millions to see a movie to its end, even when they could predict the ending, for the value of HOW.
Little woman’s confessions By Joseph_Kachiliko

Strands Of Love

This morning I recite Zangotse’s poem trimmed affection, a soaking piece for a daring heart.
~Strands of love~
Like Z to A and Z in my name,
Life isn’t an Alphabet,
It takes Re-righting wrongs to realize life needs a meaning.
A purpose it takes, to course our way in a town’s bursting throng.
Priorities right and spirits lifted with the chins he didst mould.
A little more care and addictive here, are the crowd’s potent dose.
A deeming view and sight I lose, while the crowd soaks in sin.
This warm embrace – that wrungs my arms till wrong feels just right.
What’s this I feel? My thoughts unlearned, a panic stirs yet their sighs hold me still.
My content heart with woe I soil, as my hand reaches theirs.
Act along I say and put a show does my heart beckon on.
This glove I fit that bleeds my core is the world’s filthy cage.
Their tastes I serve with empty words for their morphed greedy guts.
I am but a slave yet my longing made me one.
A circus doll in the devil’s arms.
Why it didst take me excess baggage to realize endings beauty I muse.
I finally know my place, the place I belong,
in the creators arms that await my return with love’s aching smile..
Life isn’t easy as an alphabet, and I finally got to my Z.
By ZAngi

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The apple dropped

Even when life goes on in its full normalcy, I am always aware of a strong force around me, a force stronger than gravity. It pulls me in this wonderful yet empty orbit called virtue.
And within it I find embedded: love, kindness, sacrifice. And even when I swim ashore as I often do, its ripples knock me back into the orbit. #life_in_its_entirety_in purity of heart.

My success story!

​Where do you pull your inspiration from?

“My inspiration is drawn from my own life and my own issues. As weird as it sounds, being read by millions of people, I actually write for myself first. Everything on my site and in my books is something I’ve struggled with myself…..”  New York-based  bestselling author and blogger, Mark Mason shares in his article – One writer’s story , as he gives an account of his success story of a million+ monthly readership on his blog.

“I honestly just started writing because it was fun…” he explains while recalling how he started.  “And kind of therapeutic. If you told me when I started blogging if it would turn into a career, I would have laughed at you.” He explains in his breathtaking anecdote with his greatest reveal to his success story being HONESTY. Link to post (28.09.16).

  • Joseph Kachiliko (Goldenmorals-author) -Left, Meg Thompson (GM country General Manager)  – Right with Chris Mulenga and Dr Dahlly at a writers workshop  

When asked the same question a few weeks ago, I remember giving a somewhat similar response. A common trait I must say in most thriving writers that have realized there is no better way of learning about your audience than starting with yourself. 

In a casual discussion with Meg Thompson, General Manager of Suzuki Motors (GM) Zambia, I was really intrigued by her interest in learning about my dual role of both writer and my own biggest fan as she dug in to bite the very flesh of my story. “I always know I’m writing to an audience when blogging” I explained, “But deep down my very own words sort of speak back to me. And when I look at my work after a couple of weeks I’m amazed at how I was able to write such great stuff! Like looking at it for the very first time!” 

Of course I didn’t quite really share with her about my biggest secret of how I began blogging which was a story for more than a short coffee break.

I always wanted to keep track of changes in my reasoning patterns and analysis skills. And there was no better way of doing this than becoming my own lab rat in digital chambers which proved to be an effective storage of my thoughts before they faded away, and before long I found myself blogging and finally had my first post in under 4 months.

Before long I was already sharing my personal experiences and the blog had become my mirror, carefully tucking in every emotion and experience between the lines for the keen eye. And I soon moved from first-time ambitions of getting a thousand followers in the first weeks to writing for a tailored audience.

I soon developed a passion had had to face the Pull-Push war of compromise between readers and writers that always greets first timers. In an effort to decide who held ultimate control my blog’s content between the reader and I, I found myself battling predominance and non-extinction and soon picking up strategy skills of ultimate victory and planning for my fair share. – It was like a silent mental battle and I had to learn new ways of penetrating my enemy’s defenses to grow my audience. 

And my three years of blogging have since seen a strange twist and redirected focus in my writing warfare, with my current needs being quantifying my successes in monetary value. An aggressive move the old me wouldn’t have taken. Yet promising enough with early signs of growth of my connection web. This seems to be giving in from both fronts of professional circles and talent flourishing. The idea of perfecting what one is good at cannot be better explained than working ones audience and outsourcing one’s audience for his professional occupation from one’s other area of specialty thus making talent not only a lucrative means but also a smoother detour up one’s ladder of one’s main profession.

Preoccupation is a mark of existence– Joseph Kachiliko  

Needs unending…


Art of contentment


Punch to reality!!

Life is like a rude traveler, it never waits for anyone until you grab the wheel.

By Chris Martin..

I’ve possessed the head knowledge for quite some time, but am just recently learning/understanding what it means to fully surrender..

via Walking in the new life of Christ — Chris Martin Writes

How To Kill Your Talent(By Praise George)

  A talent or gift is an innate God-given ability you possess, something you were born with, something you really didn’t need to ‘learn how to do,’ something that distinguish…

Source: How To Kill Your Talent


Ponder up yonder

My sin I justify: I want to learn to relate with man and win his affection. But if I learn to relate with you then I can relate with any man because in you there is every man.

Universal blend

You can’t understand a language that you can’t speak, You can’t speak a language that you can’t understand. If you want to get its message, learn it. If you want to offer your critiques understand it. And your world will be simple, with less hassle and trouble.
Joseph Kachiliko

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