Hillside Beach 

I’ve never travelled, so I chose to travel in my words. My childhood dream has been to see the ocean side. With remorse and fear I land back in time at a British prison, in an isolated prison tower, atop a hill at the Devil’s annex with two rough seas (The Tingering) battering the walls of the hillside. Continue reading

Miss Zambia 2016 Back Stories 

One of the  most notable contestants in this year’s Miss Zambia beauty Pagent is Emmanuela Musonda, with her name now a buzzword on most radio Shows and Online media, she has made it to the top 12 finalists with just days left before the Grandprize of the Main Event  on 17th December 2016. Placed 5th in voting polls of Zambian beauties battling for the crown is a young lady Continue reading

Zambia Takes Lead in African Change with Poetic Voice. 


Societal change is only best accelerated through right implements and widespread publicity. Meet the vibrant Trio Chayahdeep, Genesis and The Bearded Poet, sons of Africa reshaping  the Zambian mindset with poetic verses embedded in their slogan “ I am not Black I am African” on their journey across the African soil. 

Their show, From the ashes of Africa, is aimed at slowing down moral decay and embracing  African values, to add an African Signature to the contributions made by individual Africans to the global community.

It is very easy to lose one’s originality and align oneself with a predominant force just as it is easy to think of the United States as the sole entity comprising America as a continent when there are other countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Canada part of the two great continents of America. 

It is for this reason that there is a great need to encourage both Expatriate and Inland Africans building a better earth to key-in their works under their nationality in order to awaken a new voice that will reclaim the past contributions made by the continent to the world and set a common trend for ambitious young Africans eager to make a change.

The event is scheduled to take place this Saturday, 29th October, 2016 in the University of Zambia Chapel from 18:00hrs to 20:00hrs, with only a guest fee of K60 for single entries and K 100 double entries. 

The event will be hosted by Khuzwayo Tembo (Genesis), a University of Zambia student of Bachelor of Engineering; Milimo Mbewe (Chayahdeep), a practicing lawyer and Jordan (The Bearded Poet), a Copperbelt University Student of Architecture.

Come and be part of this great change and experience Poetry in a new Dimension!

Get directions: University of Zambia

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