Glancing into the hearts of the “STAUNCH CHRISTIANS” with my quick darting eyes, I see total submission to the torments and pains life inflicts upon them. And often I hear the suppressed question escape my lips, “why did you choose to take up that heavy load on your back?” And the general answer I get is “God commanded every person that calls oneself a christian to denounce oneself and take up one’s own cross and follow him.”
And when I get this response I often go into a bad convulsion of heart-piercing grief and distress. “Did this person really see what he was putting on his shoulder when he first started carrying this wheel spanner for a cross????……….” I would think.
True enough we all have to carry our own crosses and denounce our Earthly inclinations for we are pilgrims on our way to Heaven but often we give in to every stumbling block that comes our way after the third attempt of fruitless prayer. We begin to see the Challenge as a cross that Christ wants us to take along the way because we cannot comprehend the presence of this barrier in our lives Or at least we dare not want to find out how it sprung into our lives…….
“……Just because it quacks and has webbed toes like a duck doesn’t mean it’s a duck…..” If we trouble ourselves a little, to analyse how the “problem” sprung into being, we would definitely discover that it was our obstinacy and foolishness that lured it into our path.
“An old father warning his stubborn child of the animal trap ahead of him, would definitely not rush to rescue his child once he’s caught in the trap. Not because he hates him but because he craves for his child to learn the value of obedience and discipline. Like wise God at times takes his time before hooking us out of our self-caused misfortunes. But this is by no means an excuse for us to hug onto our shame and embrace it as our own Cross.
Always analyse your circumstances and deeds before you rush into taking up your cross.



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