A Cracked Pot Will Hold Sugar



Can you remember the last time you had a traumatic turn out of events, when you had reached your breaking point?

It’s one horrible nightmare not worth recalling when one is in the best of  moods. When hardships cross one’s threshold, despair seems to be the only alternative. But despair is never a solution to anything.

A traumatic situation may or may not leave deep festering wounds but I believe a cracked pot can hold sugar and this is what has seen me through those long tearful sleepless nights of life. It is one rewarding maxim that has embedded within it three cardinal pillars namely: determination, perseverance and flexibility (modification). And has the ability to drive hardship back to its filthy hole.

Afflictions will always be there in life but it is one’s ability to modify one’s already set course of achieving preset goals when problems cause irreversible impact that distinguishes man from a robot.

We, like automobiles can breakdown at the least expected minute but it is our degree of determination that determines how far our initial momentum can take us off road to safety before getting run over by other motorists.

Yet if this determination is coupled with flexibility, we can improvise on the faulty part while maintaining our speed and hence without the closest motorists even noticing we can get it fixed and zoom off. And this is the greatest skill that all prominent entrepreneurs have mustered.

Don’t let ill fate bring forth anger and despair, for when these two merge they drive nails into your own coffin, when you are worth more than a hundred pound mass of decaying matter.

Don’t get discouraged to try out   new ideas for fear of messing up. In case you didn’t know, there is no such thing as a full-born genius but a bundle of experience, so you might just be denying yourself a chance of becoming one of those bundles of experience, when fear is basically known to nothing more than False Expectations Appearing Real.


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