The core of Humanity Expounded

For years I sought an answer to the question on what unique ability made man different from all other living creatures. After much thought and meditation I came to realize the main difference that lay hidden to the average eye: the Human mind, all this time it had been lying right before my eyes yet I had failed to make head or tail of it.

Man is basically nothing any better than any animal yet it s his ability to think that makes him supreme and master over all living creatures, with the power of thought he forges weapons to use in his life either to destroy himself or defend himself.

Our circumstance are created by our very own thoughts and therefore by ourselves. We are our own sculptors and by thought we curve out our own circumstances.

Of course you would argue out on how possible it is that man has the power to control circumstances for it were so then nobody would dare to languish in misery. True enough we do not have direct control over our circumstances but every circumstance results from one’s own character and since character is defined by one’s thoughts then indirectly we hold the strings to our circumstances.

Thought and character are faces of the same coin and circumstances grow from thought. If you were to make a close assessment, you would no doubt perceive that change in circumstances happens in the same ratio with alteration in mental conditions.

Man is not different from computers, he works under programmed software that that is created unconsciously by the kind of thoughts he harbors within himself.

A porous wallet that hardly keeps money for a minute without having it drowned in a pool of unnecessary expenses can be a perfect example to explain this. these expenses are mostly as a result of one’s preset convictions like: “with my Occupation I can’t drive such a car”, “ it’s not in me to walk through a supermarket without pulling out two trolleys of purchased items”0r “ my social status cannot allow me sleep at such a cheap hotel.”  Therefore it wouldn’t be strange to see a person with such convictions walking out of a shop with trolleys of food when he had left his kitchen shelves stocked to the brim with food. It wouldn’t be odd to see someone draining all his financial resources in trying to purchase the most luxurious car he can lay his hands on just after being promoted at work.

Like a garden, thoughts if not well tendered can give way to weeds that can choke one’s character and life at a whole with every good in it.  We weave our own web of fate and therefore have no one else to blame when life goes “hay wire.”

It’s time you uncorked that bottle of knowledge stored up in you before it is returned to its initial shelf six feet below the ground. Man is naturally anxious to change his circumstances yet forgets to change himself and that is why the loathed circumstances keep coming back like a boomerang.

Sin is generally known to be inevitable and so has to be accommodated in one’s life but I believe continuous harboring of God-like thoughts makes a virtuous man.


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