Quote of the week

~~It is best to keep an eye  on everything ~~

This week on Quote of the week we look at a very inspiring statement frequently made by the great Spaniard King; Phillip II, “it is best to keep an eye on everything”

With this motto, he built the most powerful nation at that time by plowing through the most trivial matters that most people would call irrelevant.

Have you ever thought about how weird it is that by applying only a drop of shampoo a day you gradually deplete it  to empty even though its level does not seem to move? Everything that happens in life has to some extent an impact on us, yet in our human state we tend to overlook trivial issues. Like a dam wall it is cheaper to fix a crack in our lives in its early stages than giving yourself the trouble of resolving the issue of an undulating resultant flood.

We stress ourselves making the most efficient machinery our technological age can ever allow us to, yet we forget that our minds are the unused super machines in our basement. With well conditioned minds we can lessen our gigantic expenses and accelerate on our investment.

Here is a carefree family of 3 that leaves most of the electrical appliances on and prefers to use two vehicles when going to the same destination and never minds how rough house gadgets are handled because they are insured. Its income is more likely to be drained by maintenance and other unnecessary costs. Of course the money if calculated may seem not to be much but it comes with a psychological rot  that is expensive to cure.

Paying extra attention to the seemingly small anomalies helps improve one’s sensitivity and thereby works as a life saver against certain tragedies.

You can save yourself from being swindled by noticing the early signs of insincerity before hand. You can also study the facial expressions on the people you are communicating with and thereby find better ways of interaction that do not offend them. Imploring this skill in a relationship can help erect road signs that would warn you of the dangers lurking ahead and hence you can control your speed.

Trivial matters if not taken care of while in infant stage can crystallize into huge insurmountable problems.


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