The Graph Of Eternity


As I sat down behind my desk this morning my thoughts rushed back to the old days in high school on one particular day in a Math lesson. The thoughts were not new to my brain and I knew at once this was the great post I had been waiting for since Sunday. And I took my pen to offload the meaningful tidings before they flooded my mind.

The usual feeling of dreadful fear hung around my classroom as my math teacher entered the room. He introduced a new topic about plotting graphs of Quadratic equations and soon begun to explain how solve one.

We were so hesitant about trying it out in our books for we believed it was impossible for one to draw a perfect curve, cutting through all the co-ordinates with free hand without making any errors. And my mouth fell open in dismay when he finally ordered us to solve a few questions. It could have been worth trying if it were another teacher standing in front of us but this man was too serious and often scolded us whenever one handed in erroneous work.

We all began to think of gadgets that would aid our drawing and finally as if with one brain, we found it and as soon as the teacher went back to his office for a while, we schlepped out of the class and got some fine grass on the banks of the fishponds that lay just outside the classrooms. We soon bent it and made fine curves that saved us from a day’s scolding.

Thinking about this experience and how we later learnt how do draw these graphs with free hand, I realized that there are always several alternatives to every challenge but nothing ever brings more pleasure and peace of mind than doing it honestly all by yourself.

Failure is a matter of choice which is arrived at when one yields to power of negativity which deprives one of the ability to learn new things and therefore makes one’s existence on this Earth a wastage of flesh and bones.

The character of my teacher also taught me that people are not always as bad as we may think but it’s our inability to understand and learn from their principles that makes us bad listeners. Quality is  a precious jewel that hangs around the necks of successful people.


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