The Annual Routine Of A Christian

It’s exactly 31 days since the last  Christmas and we are slowly if not already moving back to the normalcy of life.

1.How many Christmas days have passed since you were born?

2.What is the real meaning of Christmas to you?

3. How did each Christmas change your life?

4. For how long did this change last?

I am in no position to answer these questions on your behalf yet if you are not any different from me then I’m sure you cannot finish this questionnaire.

This Year I asked myself why Christ chose to be born in such a small town as Bethlehem and above all in such a stinking place as a manger. Then something great that had been hushed all these years struck me. The manger was the exact resemblance of our hearts!

A manger is one box that is cleaned and refilled only occasionally. It receives stinky saliva from the dirtiest animals. And there the messiah did not mind squeezing in, he did not mind spending a night in there for he knew that just his presence would force the tenders to clean it up in order to make it befit the current purpose.

And here we are too lazy to keep our mangers clean as befits the the nobility of our guest .

will the meaning of Christmas in our lives forever be: a fortnightly purification of one’s heart? Or are we ready capture benevolent Christmas spirit within us for all eternity?


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