Never have I ever believed that fortune favors fools.

Man is naturally inclined to envying the success of his own neighbors. When this goes to the extremes, anger surges in and hatred bars any fraternity with this achiever. But hey! Why build your own prison?

We are usually too busy sulking in moments of despair to see luck jabbing at our feet. It is up to us to remain lying in this mess of despair or to get up, shake off the dirt and look for the silver lining in our storm.

Blessings are known not to occur in pairs therefore each man’s luck is unique.

When luck generously knocks at our door steps and offers an excess helping at every ambition, we begin to lose focus and our set goals suffer the most.

Extreme success beyond our initial expectations often brings reluctance and consequently inefficiency in one’s input towards anything thereby resulting in a curve towards the negatives on the graph of life. Gratification hypnotizes him to bask in the depth of his spoils and he knows not on which path he treads.

It is for this reason that I have come to respect “the man that carries only one book” for he has learnt to appreciate his only skill or luck and uses it wisely to its full capacity to improve his well being.

He treasures it more than gold and has that keen interest to understand it better in order to know how to handle it whenever it gives an unexpected misfire.And is therefore likely to excel beyond the horizon set by the man that has plentiful books on the graph of life.

Nevertheless, even the man of many books can maintain his grip on his success by employing the unfailing wonders of SELF DISCIPLINE, FOCUS and THOROUGH ASSESSMENT of his present and past while having positive outline of the future.



  1. godtisx

    I do think Jealousy is natural human instinct, because it’s every where. Sometimes I think the scribes of old who penned these magnificent dramas didn’t live in a more dramatic community, instead just reorganized and punched up what they observed in that environment. It’s hard for most people to be genuinely happy for others as their moment approaches because we all have things we are unhappy with. But there are ethics we are prepared with from childhood that is supposed to make us navigate these waters better.

    However, the other thing I’ve noticed is that people accustomed to ‘winning,’ early on are completely unprepared and without compass when hardships hit. And sometimes, that is simply in the form of an inability to expand or succeed.

    This type and those who experience themselves as having very little triumph are the most indifferent and venomous in that indifference, because it is usually directed at people they should love.

    I love the through assessment suggestion though, I’ve often found this could save the sinking ship of business, love, friendship…

    But it is the golden egg, many simply don’t bother to develop. Nice post.


    1. goldenmorals Post author

      That is absolutely true. And I believe the best way of steering your ship in any kind of waters is through self introspection and assessment, we are naturally inclined to noticing the weak links in other people’s chains yet we don’t even realize we hang on a rusty chain.



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