Today the sacred vaults of wisdom are richer because of the wise and bold move made by half a thousand Great heroes.

They were wise men and women with vast experience about life and its blind curves. Who out of great wisdom longed for a better and quality view of life.

When another sage was in its hatching (Golden Morals) they spotted it out of the rest of the brood and helped it break free from the cage of its shell. For they believed this knowledge was too rich to be allowed to escape into the world of Death.An act that no ordinary person would ever do.

These heroes whose names are imprinted upon my heart gave the first push to Golden Morals web blog from the hill top and because of them it has gained the unstoppable momentum with which it glides down to every heart

As my blog celebrates 30 days of existence, I would like to say thank you to all the followers of my website, without whose audience and feedback I would not have had zeal to continue blogging.

And I would like to officially announce my co-partnership hence forth with another intellect whose oratory skills you will soon appreciate.

A toast to every reader!!!!! Hit like to share this joy with everyone else


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