Mortals Must Know

In life there are basically two kinds of miracles that exist: the Direct intervention and the Indirect intervention. In the Direct intervention, God puts on his superhero costume and fixes the wrongs you want to eliminate or even brings in the new things that you desire while in the indirect one,he is a back-room guy and he uses other people to deliver the packages of our long sought desires.

Both are miracles and it entirely depends on which one God chooses to use on which day.

My focus is on the “indirect intervention” type of miracles which I would prefer calling the “self caused” type of miracles, for it is the only type my mortal mind is capable of analyzing and elaborately explaining. So here is how it all works:

After true prayer a man’s now positively expectant mind tries to identify any traces of good or opportunity in every ordinary life occurrence (for it is always there despite us being naturally too busy to take a keen look and spot it out).

He then capitalizes on these opportunities to better his own life and harnesses all juice in it as if his life hangs on that thread.

When more opportunities come along the way he repeats this and gradually churns out an enormous haul out of it. Even if little is achieved on a day that his former self would call a bad day, he still remains calm like one driving to the countryside through a road that he once used, thereby saving one’s energy from being sipped up by worry and panic. Everything from the on-looker’s point of view seems to be perfect at this point.

At this stage people begin to notice the changes and a new sense of admiration swells within their hearts. They look up to his disposition with an air of esteem and long to be his in his company and do whatever is in their capacity to “work his home” just for this pleasure of being in his company to last for as long as it can be eked.

To do this some begin to offer finance-building opportunities like jobs and market for his merchandise (and this is because man when under the influence of merry emotions unconsciously takes off his outer garment of avarice {selfishness}). Thus he saddles upon this new horse of prosperity and gallops uphill to fruition his ambitions.

As the crowd of acquaintances grows bigger, the average man (who always waits for other people to think for him before he makes a decision) who happens to constitute the majority of any society consequently awards him a new status in society.

This whole chain happens gradually and at the end of the whole chain this man feels content with all the happenings in his life and bends a knee to God as gratitude.

This type of miracle is purely human caused and is dependent on one’s level of hope and perseverance.

The exact measure of the two on one side of the scale gives quantity of outcomes to be placed on the other side of the scale.

Having seen how this type of miracle is weaved by one’s own hands; it is clearly evident that any man regardless of his religious affiliations can churn out success using the 6 basic elements that you might have already noted:

  1. Positive mindset
  2.  Endurance And perseverance
  3.  Healthy social interactions
  4.  Calmness
  5.  Patience coupled with honesty
  6. Spotting out opportunities in daily life occurrences.

Therefore with these elements, man can perfectly write of his own script of the future fit for the stage. Anyone can independently paddle oneself to success along this course by adopting these elements


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