Life is like swimming in new waters, you never know what lies ahead and which way you are going.
The best is halting for a while, sticking your head out of the water to view the “lay” of where you are coming from and assess what lies ahead, lest you get eaten by crocodiles.~Just like in preparing a well-seasoned tasty meal, perfect success is only baked by occasionally “tasting the food” while on the stove because nothing to salty or too bland can ever be corrected on the table.~

You focus on the island ahead and no matter which way the waves toss you, you still keep the island within sight.


9 thoughts on “Golden Theory

        1. goldenmorals Post author

          Good to hear you will be. though it’s a bit emotional maybe, not so contrary to your recent post. It’s comforting to know there others who are also not so happy about the course this dating thing has taken lately


        2. godtisx

          Emotional is NEVER bad in my book. EVER. 🙂 So tell your truth, it’s your page.

          And yes, it’s very comforting to know others are having a time of dating, because sometimes it feels like everyone has found their way and you’re the only one who can’t read the map. Lol. Obviously we’re not, plus our path is a different one most times anyway.

          Looking forward to your post friend. 🙂


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