Would You Marry You?

A special day like this one reminds us of the fact that there is more to life than work. It doesn’t matter whether you are existing as a “ghost”(the temporarily forgotten ones without anyone to share this special day with) or as a full flesh-and-bone human in an umbrella of love today, you still must pull up your boots and walk right into the dazzling light of life.
It is a day when you have to cave in to the needs of the person next door.
But have you ever wondered if it was really generous of you to only do this once in 366 days?
Are the people you are sharing quality time with the same people you had on last year’s list?
Well I don’t think so.
The other person fell off the list because he(she) was too inconsiderate, too mean, too self-centred to be kept on your friend list. You felt like crap under the roof of this attention-seeking person and so you had every reason to unfriend him.
Was this person really as bad as you think?
In life at times there comes a time when we make wrong judgment and assumptions about other people that we even fail to see the good in them. There are no perfect beings, yet we continue to despise others and only praise a few that we think are “angels.”
How stunning it is that when two people make nearly the same mistake, one is scolded for carelessness and negligence while the other is thought to have done it out of pure innocence. We bring to surface the past wrongs of the former. Whether they were a natural slip up or an intentional reaction we do not care. We confidently claim to know the latter better than anyone else; even better than the person himself. We take no account of the other side of the story for our judgment was made long before the wrong was even done.
Yes we know this “offender” keeps grudges so it is unnecessary to take in the details for we know his history.
Are you really being the fair judge you claim to be? I think you just missed the actual person who is this worse. Look into the mirror and you will get a full view of him.
Life has taught me one good lesson: never to criticize anyone, for I might as well do what the latter did if I were in the same shoes and under the same circumstances.
~would you marry you? ~
The question you must ask yourself today is whether or not you would marry yourself(a replica of yourself)
The best way to fully understand and know the type of people you would like to interact with is by first understanding yourself.
It would be very naive of an astronomer to continuously peer into the sky in order to “read” it without first knowing the lay of the ground on which he treads while he works. For he would eventually fall into a ditch and break his spine for not knowing there was a ditch lurking ahead.
Learning how to “smell one’s own breath” is the only sure way of making oneself cautious about keeping his breath fresh all the time.
This valentine’s day I would like us all to:
1.Be considerate when making decisions, in order for us not to hurt other.
2. Aim at fixing our personality slip ups
3. Be understanding and try to imagine what reaction our actions would bring upon us if we were in the shoe of the “listeners”
4. Develop ideal communication skills to enhance our human interaction I this interdependent world.
5. Be keen enough to understand the mechanism of ourselves before taking a leap into knowing others.


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