Happy moments, A recollection

The best words about a person are known to be said at one’s funeral, when people begin to feel the impact of one’s absence in their lives.

But for a great person like My father I believe he deserves being accredited while he still lives. And no day is more apt than today, the day when he celebrates his anniversary in this institution called life.

Not so long ago, I considered this very man as just any other parent doing what every other parent would do to make his family happy. Maybe I was right about that, or maybe not. Or  maybe I was just too busy hailing   myself for my “greater than age” achievements.

I knew I had achieved a lot in too short a life time, and by the look of things another “Solomon” would eventually shoot out of me in less than 2 decades, this was enough for me not to keenly look around and observe the triumphs of others, for I had discovered an even better and more adventurous way of learning about life; the art of understanding every artifact that nature holds(with man included) and drawing lessons. Yet this began to change when I discovered this in my mathematics book in my twelfth grade:


(you are walking in your Dad’s steps)

It had been written by my mathematics teacher after marking my book and it was the first  note that was ever put in a student’s book. It raised much curiosity on the subject that I had always failed to answer: “Why was everyone dying to get my my Dad’s advice on all critical issues?”; “Why did they inwardly hold him in awe when they were just about his age and probably level of thinking?”

It was one impossible question that I had asked myself quite often in the past yet without finding an answer but I was now determined more than ever to unearth it this time.

When I finally did, I was shocked to discover that there in his simplicity, in his lifestyle, in his every action lay the answer. He had done his home work about  life, pretty well.

He had managed to understand himself and learn about mankind in a way that most people fail to. and after all his lessons he was neither too rigid and over principled nor too flexible, for man was not meant to be a robot governed by a set of principles made and tested by the most successful men that have ever lived, but a wise being with the ability to know when  and when not to use which principle. and in this field Dad had really aced.

Like a puzzle, every piece began falling into place and I discerned, with no regret though, that I needed not to go far in my quest for knowledge as most lessons could have been learnt from him. And one priceless lesson his life has given is the primacy of motive over deeds, for with the right driving motive I get out of bed and continue with life’s adventures even in cases where a substitute motive would call for quitting.

When I thought about how I had failed to slip out of his rules in my childhood and how he had always managed to gain enough influence in every society, I realized that he had managed to unconsciously and psychologically wield trust and authority in the most unsuspecting way, a golden skill that every leader must have.

As a birthday present I wish him tons of health and happiness, for that is what he needs as a father,husband and somebody others look up to.


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