It may not be perceptible to all, but blogging is reality. It is an extension of who we truly are. A platform on which we all freely display our talents and abilities, those that our immediate society forbids us to, by virtue of it undermining us, intimidating us or not giving us a chance to express them.

At first it all begins like a natural human urge to be recognized and to feel important, this may be concealed in something else but it is an undeniable fact. Stats are all what matters at first and we spend much of our time reading blog posts of how others managed to build a great throng around them and how they have managed to maintain it.

We begin to write like them. In the formats that we think are crowd pulling and soon all our ambitions are directed towards posting on things that would push the juice in the meter to the other end. And every time we post we impatiently await the first likes and comments and even go to the extent of convincing our dearest ones to make an appearance on our blogs.

When we get to see the mileage escalating, we feel content with our work and begin to make as many posts as we can. We finally feel how good blogging really is. And coming to think of it, it gladdens us to see a person from the other end of the world liking our post and making two or so comments.

We finally get to have the feeling of importance knowing that somebody out there somewhere is eagerly waiting to read our next post.

But wait a minute! Is this what blogging really is? It is only a façade of the real thing called blogging life. Like a new bride who has just been ungagged in front of a new house, it is the first sensation that we get and the initiation into this family begins at a later stage or at times even never.

When we begin to realize stats are nothing but numbers and that our readers don’t actually own our blogs but we solely decide what to post, when to post and which crowd to keep around, then we are taking the first step to initiation into this wonderful family. We are blotting out the irony that keeps the art of blogging hidden to the unkeen eye.

As we begin to be introduced to this wonderful thing called blogging, we now realize that it is more than just a literal enhancing platform but a growth stimulating environment.

By free writing and self-expression, we free our emotions loosen the heavy burdens that stress our  lives. This gives room to clear thinking and an air of relief and calmness arises as if one just soaked all his problems in a gallon of brandy but with a better effect, it allows us to now reflect on our own lives as though they were a specimen from without. Life starts to make more sense and this in turn enhances self-development.

By looking at one’s own posts after an interval of time one begins to spot out the areas of timidity that were shown when it was first written and one then starts to assess his life to see if weak link is still in him.

One admiration that I hold for real bloggers is their unwavering spirit that governs their judgment basing on what their hearts want them to do because it is the right thing and not what society wants them to. It is as if they have broken the natural spell of desire of belonging and recognition that has hypnotized man into making wrong choices in life in an effort to pedal up influence. But they instead have ridden beyond the desire to hold the wand of hypnosis and are now at another level which common man is yet to attain. A level of humility and lack of desire for reciprocation for any good deed.

I am proud to be part of this blogging family even though it took me quite a long time before stumbling upon it.

Blogging is real and it’s what makes all genuine bloggers that do it for their passion ALIVE! 

A blog must shape you and not derail you


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