What Christianity has always missed

When I think of this moment, I am filled with much uncertainity as to whether to blog about it or bottle it up because of something greater that weighs me down and reminisces something of the other part of me that I’ve always kept hidden on the shelves. Yet sharing both would not hurt as much as doing otherwise with my friends on the other electronic end .
Three months of thinking and planning I knew I had stumbled upon one little yet valuable aspect that people of the Christian circles had always overlooked.

In all my life like any other person, I had been peddling up influence; both in the most unsuspecting and suspecting ways and in my quest I realized it had as well crossfired an effect on me, it had carved a new personality in me, a personality that could never be effaced by sheer downsides. In me I now saw a person who would do something on critical grounds of acceptable morals and perfect motive.
All the works of burning out my eyes in forbes articles, detailed research on the core of humanity, wasting out the grains of the hour glass in studying man and all there’s to know about his nature, driving force, manipulation turned me into a quiet yet persuasive thoerist ready to use my artillery in piecing my own success.
Yet little did I know this had transformed the spiritual section in my vaults, I had successfully stayed for months without sinning and I knew I had found one awesome thing not perceived by many.
By setting other positive virtues one is capable living a sinless life.
It doesn’t matter whether one has the title of Christian or not, for Christianity is not a religion as most understand it but a lifestlye that anyone was capable of taking up.
I knew this was a great discovery in the circles of sages and I was eager to stash my work into the faces of those eager to live a sinnless life for I knew it was posssible when topped with other basics on psychological weaknesses of man.
With confidence, boldness and endurance man can excel in any areas of choice for it is one’s own desire of belonging that always betrays him.
When you ask yourself why certain good principles are compromised by even the seemingly principled folks, it is the desire to have company that desperately leads to giving in to anything just to have friendship.yet man hardly knows that at any given time any opposing parties are at the same level of giving up as ever and it’s only one who holds on for an extra second that always wins.
Shrewd business wigs would tell you that in every bargain, the first to talk always loses and everyone goes into any bargain with a view of securing their piece of pie but few such people ever think of applying this logic to life itself.
Definition of any society lies in the minority population of those that careless about what others say for an instant, for they know the same people would turn around and throng back to them.
With this I thought I would make a difference by letting the right and interested people know. But I was wrong about one thing.
It hurts to admit but realized not all this was applicable to all.
It had for an instant worked well for me yet it could not perfectly work for all, life isn’t one thing that can be governed by rules.
And as such neither could a lifestyle be.

Even if it worked it still lacked the main spice of religion, people would be righteous but what would happen when the tables wobbled? What would happen when trays overturned?
It would all crash to shambles like anyother theory that spiritualists have thought of and abandoned. It lacked the tact and needed a blend. It lacked needed final stitch to tuck it up. It lacked love.
I’m sure you are already thinking love is an easy get but logically who would love a person that had existed 2000 years ago if we cannot show much affection to a grandfather only two generations behind us.
Blasphemous as it sounds at first but it makes much sense as it unfolds. The apostles were devoted because they had his affection and shared memories with him, and us distant as we are in time how would we claim to love him as they did other than the “because mumy said so” kind of belief?
Impossible as it may now seem to love him, a better altenative has been offered that will generate a more permanent affection than the former. We need to begin by understanding the general core of man through self introspection: his strengths, his falls and all there is to know. By learning this which of course is impossible to complete in any man’s own life time then we can have a glimpse of what it is that we desire and we would be closer to beginning our next exploration; studying the the nature of christ and his main interests in us that make him keep coming back to us. This is another challenging task yet it can be partially achieved by being alert to all happenings and decoding his presence in every happening that occurs in our lives.
*No man can ever tell us how to be more attached to God but it is a discovery that we need to make on our own, in our own style. And it is one that is blurred and therefore needs constant effort to keep it clear even when it has been discovered


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