Possessed by a surge of fury concealed in empathy aroused by the Guardian facebook publication today (2/10/2014) headed “focus on US ebola case shows how cheaply we value African lives” .I am forced to publish my newly written draft posts. Insulting though the heading sounds, it is actually painfully true. And one looking at it for the first time would call the western world stupid and egocentric, yet I; though in an African skin and shackled among the Ebola infested rotting corpses of my brethren, offer a nod of affirmation to the white man for this seemingly selfish act. And by my grounds, I blame the black man for he is “ the spoiled child of the celestial homestead” built up yonder in the soaring clouds.
Agile as a panther ,quick as a mountain fox and quick shiny darting eyes are by no means a description enough of my vessel of all beauty in his masculine youthful age; the child of my own making. Sooty is his name.
He walks with a majestic gait, with all authority and confidence, knowing that he earns by birth the privilege of holding the official seal, the crown of my throne. And I as a proud father bestow upon him all spoils befitting a king.
He never toils, for a king needs not to toil. day and night Ladies-in-waiting entice him with all delicacies the best chefs can ever offer.
He knows not the cold, for what makes a king but warm robes and a thick, woolen blanket?
He alone bears the taste on his tongue of the sweetness of true royalty, he that walks with a golden spoon embraced by his thick strawberry lips.
Not even his younger brother, Waxen is allowed to enjoy all these spoils for I allow him not. he must learn to serve his future king,Sooty and must never taste the enchanting fruit of splendor.
Therefore I keep Waxen busy to numb his thoughts on pleasure gulping ideas..
Every fall  I send waxen out in the far lands in battle to prevent him from enjoying the best of part of the season’s royal feasts.
Out of sheer luck or fortitude he survives the bitter winter and returns home with 50 heads of his slain enemies and retires to his tiny hole of a room.
My advisory council tell me it is not fair to treat brothers with such partiality.
“A king must be just, even to his own children” they say, but a king takes no advice from his inferiors about running his home.         Who dare challenges a child of the stars that separation of children’s responsibility creates an unbreakable fortification that makes them foes for eternity.
*** They say A time will come when the kingdom of the crown prince, Sooty, will crumble. For he has learnt nothing but laziness his entire youth.      Not even the wild fruits of summer, the mangoes, the guavas or the juicy caterpillars of  spring will save him from starvation.
And while he languishes in penury, his brother, Waxen, will out of the skills that you unknowingly taught him, build himself a new empire. A kingdom birthed out of nothing but innovation, determination and perseverance such wonderful skills that Sooty never had a chance to learn.
And when that happens, sooty will live on the scraps of his brother’s table; collected and sent to his  torn palace.
He will live as a beggar, enslaved by his own laziness and leashed to the foot of his brother’s stool.
Yet his loyal subject will never lose hope in praying for a miracle of hard-work and consistency to shine upon their king as they wait in vain for his order to rebuild the kingdom.
Waxen will forever entertain his guests with fairytales of a distant yet present part of the world where  a lazy man  with a treasure of  leadership scrolls and fruitful, water-bulging lands sold off his dignity and land to his own brother all for crumbs of bread baked by his own chefs.***
What a heartbreaking moment it could be if it came to pass, yet with my kingly  wisdom I know it shall. but even if this comes to pass I know as much as Waxen knows, of one ability that is stunningly present yet dormant in Sooty which no king has ever had; the flexibility of his mind as to learn almost any complex idea with great ease. And this when realized will snap him free of his entangled leash and will set the pillars of a great kingdom.
This ability sets Waxen’s eyes ablaze with scourging fear and I know he will suppress it to his last breath, while indirectly using his brother’s unrealized ability to build himself a kingdom.



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