Tick-tock clock struck 365days

mulenga.jpgThe clock has turned around again. Anniversary badges decorate my mailbox.
Like any anniversary I feel belated. My heart smiles with content, a feeling of belonging swells within my chest as I ponder over all I have gained in blogging.
By writing I have flooded the walls with emotions and endearment as my thoughts flowed with my hand. And in return I have watched myself grow.
Like a nurse I have graphed my growth, beyond the bounds of a prisoner his own success it ascends yet still in my infancy of this lifestyle.
Fame,importance and fairy overnight-success were the primal wants I hoped to find in blogging yet little had I known that blogging was nothing but an extension of one’s own self. 
Like the real society, it has friendship, love and trust which can be earned with time and shared by those worthy of it.
Happy anniversary to you readers!!!!  


2 thoughts on “Tick-tock clock struck 365days

  1. marlyse aeschlimann

    hi we hope your are well doing and your family also particulaly your dad how is his leg….. here we are fine now it is autumne saison it is a very busy time for us we make a lot of reserve for the cows and for us too, wintertime is very long here but we arent complaint. Our three youngest go back to university Rachel in cultureanimation and integrateimigrants matthiew in biology and marc like a highschool teacher the oldest one Michael works like a water and environment engineer and joel he is en agricultureeconomist we told him to go to africa with his background but his girlfriend isnt so hot for this idea now he is working with us and it is nice too hope to see you we love you a lot send a lot of greetings to your parents jacob and Marlyse Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2014 10:12:16 +0000 To: fermefanka@hotmail.com


    1. goldenmorals Post author

      Thanks, Dad’s leg is now fine it’s stopped swelling but of course he still wears those half socks for prevention of the illness’ return,
      I’m glad they(your children) have all settled for something. I didn’t see much of home and my family last time I went on recess in August because I had some job attachement to do in another district which had me seperated from them during my working period and I’m now back in school(university) so I have to wait till next year’s recess for me to go home. At our school at home we recently bought a 28 seater bus for the kids and a computer lab though of course it’s small with only 13 computers for a start but it’s working pretty well. Mum even got promoted last month at the government school she’s working She now holds the post of Headmistress and was moved to a school closer to home. ……Thanks for keeping in touch, I wish u a successful winter.



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