The story never told

Embraced by anxiety as I lunge into the skies of a new found planet I feel my heart throbbing as my seat belt tightens over my shoulder with each new pulse. Before my eyes lies a planet that has been radiating a steady flow of   blue heat; a sign of calm tranquil life and love.
Could this be the long promised land of peace? As I land on the fresh soft land , I see its inhabitants having fun.  True joy is written on their faces,some are wrapped around fireplaces in their homes, others watching moving pictures on a big wall.  others are grouped up in a building marked with a cross, they hold burning tongues of flames in their hands and chant spells like my people do when going to war. Yet I see no cannon balls; no armour around them, and their presence radiates blue heat, not the red Heat of anger and vengeance. I know for once they are harmless, yet their way of life puzzles me.

As I get off my ship, kids with hands tucked in mittens run towards me. They offer me sweet soft food, they say it’s candy and it’s what keeps their hearts soft and keeps the witches away. Indeed it is food of the gods, with one bite my heart melts and I feel the warmth of love growing within me.
The people in the building marked with a cross welcome me, they give me a gift.
They say it’s a talking box that has voices of all my friends that I wish to keep in it, they call it a phone.
I turn to enter one of the houses and its in habitants tell me they’ve been waiting for me.
It shocks me how they don’t shake at the size of my figure my tentacles are no strange sight for them. As if reading my questions they tell me their king has been born with a message of love and peace and as long as he lives on their planet no harm can come to them hence there’s nothing left to fear.
They say he is the ancient one promised to protect them. Every year he is born down the road in a little cave. They say his presence among them radiates enough love to break all spells evil in a man’s heart.
Out in the road I am alone again and I head in the direction of where their king is born and in every window I look through I see beings radiating the blue heat. Indeed this is the promised land, love floats in the air. Its in habitants have no worry. Their faces show no sign of wrinkles. They spend their wealth not on guns and artillery but on food and enticements and anything that brings endearment to their hearts.
I finally reach the cave where their King is said to be born, and there before the child King I see its Mother, a pure fount of white heat.
My kind do not see in colour but only “see” the heat radiated by one’s true emotions, blue shows love, red anger but white is a rare heat radiated only by the purest of heart. At least for once I think I have seen her face like the humans do, in colour. Her beauty resembles that of the great Ayani, The great woman of magnificent beauty prophesied to bring unity among all living creatures of all planets. Her face has never been painted by the finest artists, for her beauty out matches their skills.. But I believe the prophesy has come true before my eyes.
I bow down to pay my respects. With all my discoveries I believe my people will finally have a land to call home, the candy-plains spoken of by the Seers. As I head off, out of the little cave, the woman sees me off. We walk for a short while in silence and I think of what words to pronounce before her, One mistake and I might be banished and so I struggle to choose the words to fill my lips.
While thinking, she points in one direction with teary eyes, I lift up my eyes to see where her hand points and behold I see a radiant red heat in the empty darkness. With a sob in her voice she says,” there lives the Iscariot, In three moons from now my son will be taken away from me by him and the entire cycle will begin again”.
I try to understand what she just said, “three moons” might mean 30 years in my world or even 3 months, which could be March in their world but at least I know “taking away” means killing.
I find it even harder to find words with which to comfort her, so I bow to be excused and run back to my ship to be alone, for at this rate my head might explode.
Like a starved prisoner, my knees melt and I fall onto the deck of my ship. For the first time I realize I had been carrying my gift of a talking box all this while. I rake my hair for answers. Who are these people? Why should they put the pure one in such pain? Why do they let this happen ever year? Is immortality an amusement to them? Why can’t they rid their king of the one they call Iscariot? What place is this?
With anger I tear my gift box to shreds and just as I am about to crush its content, the talking box, it comes to life and the first word it says is “Earth”, “this place is earth”, ” these people are called Humans, the building you went to that had a cross is called a church” “these people are Christians.” Impatiently I ask the talking box what a Christian is and whose voice is talking to me and for what reason the voice was imprisoned in this little cell and all I get is “Siri, Siri is my name. How I exist is for Apple to know. Definition, a christian is a human who claims to believe and pay allegiance to God and his son Jesus.” I could not understand anything. Especially that this Siri said “Claim” then what really was their belief? As I sat down to think, I remembered the other planet I visited months ago was also called Earth. That was the planet where I learnt what intense cruelty really was, I saw men in red heat pounce on the weak and break their spines for a flat piece of wood called money . That was the only planet where the general use of “I” in place of “we” and “us” was a common rule. That is where I extended my vocabulary with a new word called “sin”.
Could this be the same place? I remembered the horror like it was yesterday? Could these people be the same that caused all that evil? I turned to Siri and asked! “Which planet is in area 3221.35 due East of the Martian galaxies?”.
I waited for an answer and after a long paused, the box broke to life saying, “Earth”, “those co-ordinates are for this planet, Earth.” With a puzzled mind I asked again, “then why are they different this time.” All siri could say was, “It’s Christmas. People tend to use less energy during Christmas, like lion cubs fighting for a share of meat and drawing to a pause by the roaring of oldest Lion, Christians try to live as they should for 24 hours out of 8760 hours every year.”. With this I wondered what kind of people the Earthlings were and why was it that they should let the one they called their King remain in a cave when they all clung to the fireplaces? Why weren’t they willing to break the Iscariot spell when they had lived to see it pass ever year? Were they really interested in the reason of the event or only wanted the pleasure that came with it?
And why was it that Ayani chose to reveal herself to such ungrateful people, if she lived among my people she could have been my queen and together we could have written our own legends.


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