impact of the media hack and false World War III alert


The hacking of some of UPI US News twitter accounts today shows us how making the world a smaller place by reducing everything to a click can bring its own costs.This Friday afternoon, the twitter accounts of United Press International and the New York Post were hacked, tweeting that the US and China had begun a war at sea and that the Pope had announced the start of World War III.” You can get rest of the story on this link .
Among other publications during the hack, Chinese leader Xi Jinping was allegedly quoted in a tweet that said “Obama “condemned” for Asia pivot , and “has forced China to protect its interests through military means”

All the incidents led to an aftermath panic by the two news agencies in which the Post deleted the tweets and had to alert the public of the situation and a similar step was taken by the UPI.


This incident clearly points out some inevitable consequences that are surely bound to come with the world taking another turn in the age of cutting-edge of technological tides. This will most certainly set new ripples of fear in people knowing that if big companies could be so helplessly hacked by criminals then their safety and the safety of their accounts lay in the hands of luck and time. The news agencies will certainly redirect funds into fortifying their cybersecurity and in response to today’s attack the government will as well consider looking into cyber-crime with new vigor as this attack is likely to cause a slight stir in the long term massive business endeavors by the business community between the two countries.
These are however growing pains and must in no way impede our tech advancements. What is the meaning of “secure” when you don’t have a once in a while “break in”? It keeps our security measures in check and upgraded.
On the positive side, this hack has stalled if not completely prevented any possible military aggression whether imminent or not and will see a smooth relationship between the two Nations for even over 35 years. A behavioural psychologist would agree that ambitious and enabled people mostly never like their next actions being predicted and would rather throw away years of effort if they have to, in order to change course. Hence we will see the tolling friction between the two countries lessening, yet looking at the enormousness of the two countries it is highly unlikely that the reconciliation will be done on the stage but rather secretly and diplomatically.
Looking at how social networking has changed us and how unimportant as it might have been initially considered in the fight against cybercrime, I believe it is time that we as independent users took a different approach as to how we use it. Knowing that it is our most used end tool in venting our emotions and the best place to go to when learning about someone’s personality, it will soon if not already be an efficiently tool in workforce employment as employers will now easily shortlist the best people for a particular job based on their personalities too, and all thanks to social networks. Hence job seekers and university grads need to think twice on what kind of personality they show to the world through social networks.


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