little tidbits about little me

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Look back in your life today, travel back to the first time that you had your first friend that wasn’t a next door kid. And the other time that you had your little moments of satisfaction at being smarter than those around you at something or the first people that you always crave to show off to each time Daddy got you a new toy and once in a while, it would eventually find its way into your bag when Mum wasn’t looking and would finally jump out of the bag at break time when the coast was clear. When any of these thoughts cross your mind, one word gently echoes in resonance; school! Those were one of the best childhood moments you ever had and of course amongst them were a few embarrassing moments too, you can’t help holding back your laughter and a flush of embarasment in your cheeks, when you remember some of the childish little things your mind could cook up in those days. And of course a little degree of jealousy comes in when you see kids of today acting much smarter than you were at their age. It’s like they skipped one stage in their growth and there is no telling how much smarter they will be when they reach our age if whatever factors cause them to be this smart continue to be at play.
It gives me so much joy watching little kids thinking like little Einsteins and when I grow up I’ll give my kids the best Childhood I never had! At least I’ll be glad saying yeah! That’s my kid! ….. But that’s not all, I still can make a difference now, by vouching for my little siblings so that my parents get them the best childhood ever! And that begins with getting them best school places on offer.
Looking at the Northern Region of Zambia I believe no offer beats Fountain School.
Yet my opinions stands to be corrected although I confidently would hold on to what believe because when you consider all angles at play; the devotion they add to their services, the flexibility in going for what yields the most infant mental growth and their methods of delivery in which learning is unbounded by the classroom wallsa unique on-the-site learning experience which makes learning fun such as school tours. Even without this, the class of most homes that entrust their kids to this school being elite big wigs and the extra touch to discipline and… and…. and the favourable moral growth of its environment all make me want even more to take my kids thei, or at least my sibblings for now before I have a home of my own since I know my parents can afford the fair price at which all this goes; I’d say it’s my first step to getting them the childhood I’ve always dreamed of.

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