Whispers of A father’s Wish

I know you may look at me as a cynical father or maybe a thoughtful one, but that doesn’t matter to me in the least. My opinions are mine alone and so are my kids and will gladly raise them by my ideals.
It doesn’t matter which path we take but we all become parents at some point, the moment somebody’s child looks up to us and madly wants to be like us. Like some superhero in the comics.
And that is moment when the destiny of the child weighs on us, hanging between creating a villain or a noble hero.
Today on father’s day I share a part of my future blended in 4 life lessons that have been itching to get inked for a while now.
It never occurs much to be that I’d be a father someday. But the idea of having a little-me sounds like a perfect chance to make amends and perfect my irreversible past, fixing the weak links and reinforcing the stronger links.
Like a playback I will be able to watch little-her growing up and adding an extra touch where necessary. It would be thrilling having Wifey in both lifetimes of course the only difference will be that the miniature her, little-one will this time end up in another man’s arms.
First I will teach them both the best way to have a smooth course through life, beginning with the Great error, that the world is mostly lived by many as a dock where every soul has its insecurities and tries to make the best act in an effort to please the jury. Yet the jury does not exist and every member of the panel equally mistakes the defendant for the jury and he for the defendant.
And when they learn this great irony their wavering infancy will unfold into remarkably confident teen years. And unlike many parents I will not feel shy to teach them the secrets of the force that sends a man’s insides twitching and cold, a force that springs to life butterflies in a woman’s stomach. I will teach then that love, unlike what it is pictured to be, is an uninvited guest that knows no bounds and knocks when it is already halfway in. Regardless of your remoteness barricaded wall of ‘nerdiness’ built around you, it sure finds its way in when the time is right.
Unexplainable as it is, it is what led the risen one into craving for a better view of his creation on a perfect hilltop. And when he found the right spot, he mounted on an erected wooden structure and smiled between gritted teeth at the perfect view beyond the horizon forgetting the pain from the three nails supporting his weight. Such are the lengths of true, not the love sketched by script writers and novelists.
I will tell them, “The world has its standards and thanks to them our growth uniformly projects around those constraints. An average 8th grader behaves as theorized by educationalists and a college student behaves as one, but love never bends to these constraints. It comes at will, sometimes early, other times late but never the same for everyone. It may be that maturity occurs at the stage calculated by the standards but true love knows no arithmetic.”
When little-her grows impatient and sets out on a futile adventure in search of love and eventually learns firsthand the cruelty of the cold world, I will passionately stand by her side and assure her there is no such thing as a bad world but bad deeds and everyone has a bad side, for we dwell on self-preservation. But it is what you nurture in the bond of any friendship that matters. With the heart of a lioness she will endure and rise from the shambles, blowing away the burning unshed tears from the nose like it never happened.
And when little-me finally thrives in setting sail on course with his goals, I will wrap him in a man-to-man hug and tell him “it doesn’t matter where you are and what you have but you can always make it, if you put your mind to it’’ with the simplicity of the words and weight of my advice he will grow into a great man, a man worth looking up to.


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