morning thoughts

My first time to be hoodwinked on the streets was barely a few days ago. I was coming out of a store when a certain man walked up to me, I wouldn’t call him strange looking because I was in too good a mood to even think of taking in such details about him. He walked up to me and displayed these thumb drives that he was selling and I smiled warmly at him like someone I knew, trying to enjoy every moment of my loosened-up self.
I told him I wasn’t buying any of them because they were way too small for the files I intended to load on them. But with a little persistence I finally gave in and bought one. I don’t know what happened to the cautious me or the fact that his reduction in price by nearly half should have logically warned me, I just felt like not ruining my spirits with my usual serious face, and who cares anyway I was still going to eventually dig out a few bills of money by the end of the day. And I walked on for my next errand.
Surprisingly I wasn’t so shocked either when I discovered it was a fake. Wasn’t I supposed to be angry? Well I dunno but instead I tried to picture his grin and his thoughts when giving this gullible strange me his fake drive. A bit frustrating at first how he succeeded in conning an intellectual with nothing but an average street experience but that didn’t matter, at least he had some moment of satisfaction though in the unorthodox way, but that’s still success anyhow. And soon my frustration turned into curiosity. “Is this how God felt when we cheated on him? Or was he some obsessed secret admirer eager to do our every bidding hoping we’d grow to love him eventually?” Well I never would really know. And the whole idea struck me with guilt. I bet his demands are not so big after all and maybe I stood a fine chance of meeting him and asking him in person in the afterlife.
Maybe the easy way to setting up this rendezvous is deciphering his last clue left on the mantelpiece of the cold fire place: appreciate me for who I am and appreciate my creation (mankind) for it is my masterpiece.


5 thoughts on “morning thoughts

  1. godtisx

    Beautifully written piece. Your writing is sublime. I’m surprised I am the first to COMMENT. I would like us to read and comment on one another’s work more often (and I am coming back here because I enjoy blogging and reading blogs.

    But, I love how you related this to how Christ must have felt with us. I don’t know what his feeling was like. Perhaps we can ask, in prayer – instead of wondering. However yes, you were had. And this happens so much in life.

    It makes me think of a few former romantic ties, who got away without providing care, nurturing or much in return. Yet had great companionship (me – lol) for a moment. Thank-you for highlighting we’ve done the same, to our God! Very interesting meditation…


    1. goldenmorals Post author

      Wow I’m so grateful. Never knew anonymous electronic acquaintances of the same sorts can actually materialize into great friends, you know your inspiration gets me going and yeah blogging really helps, making on have a point of reflection on life occurrences knowing you have an ‘outdoor’ spot where you can just hang out and bleed your ideas freely but having someone appreciate your work is another thing, some benevolent and gracious act by those that appreciate u for who u are. Thanks for always being supportive I even feel guilty for not being so frequent in my reciprocation and sharing my time with those that matter.


  2. godtisx

    You write so, so, well. Even your response was so well put. No, no guilt. Simply visit when you want or can and I will also (but consistently). Honest feedback is important in writing, if even to propel you forward yes? I will check my inbox.



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