Munched Dreams


I bet you have all had that experience before, on a stressful day while walking home when an uncle or your folks’ friend drives by, ignoring you and not even giving you a ride like you do not even exist. Or maybe you have experienced it another way but it’s still one and the same, a heartbreaking moment when they crash your hopes in something just because you are nonexistent in their world. At some point in life we all make role models out of the people we look up to most with admiration other than our family. And sadly enough, most often we pick the wrong pluck of pomposity and pride.

To the people we pick, we are dwarfs way beneath their line of sight that they don’t seem to notice our efforts or lend a hand to help forge furnished weapons of success out of us. Maybe they just don’t want to have anything to do with us. Aren’t we just ordinary small fish? what would a big guy want to do with ‘pestty’ bugs anyway?

Yet with all this hostility, we don’t cease to look up to them, we even give them an unmerited title, “Mentor”, in an effort to be them while being exploited by them. As if their stings are but a tickle.

And you just don’t end there but rip your palms off your hands trying to climb to their line of sight like they are some laterally horizontal search light on a tower that can’t bend its rays to shine upon your path.

When you get to the top, to their line of sight, it dawns on you that those people- your ‘mentors’- are nothing superhuman, they haven’t even done anything so significant but have only been over credited by luck and society. They can’t even make their own protégés to take up their legacy and build on in the future, they are nothing but self-endearing egocentric losers who can’t even recount how they made it to the top.

Few people get to realize this, probably the taste of success gets to their heads that they forget the pain of course they took to reach it. Yet the truth still stands unrealized.

We can make it by ourselves on our own terms if we just believe in ourselves, in our abilities. Not like it’s a bad thing to have mentors and role models but everyone has their owns strengths and every being like a feather is connected to this world at a different ‘plug’, therefore no two paths no matter how similar are the same.

We therefore know things that our friends do not and can never mimic the steps of another just because you don’t trust your own head. And who knows maybe their success at one thing was not really a matter of application of good judgement but sheer luck and God’s intervention.

The only way to become as great as our ‘mentors’ without being exploited is by understanding ourselves and knowing how best to optimize our strengths, to harness our maximum potential that lies within. But this is all naught if consistency lacks, and that’s where focus and keeping the goal in sight at all times come in.

This now is the ultimate need of role models- to pose as a mark of memory of our goals and keep us on our toes when we begin to slacken and head for sloppy coaster. Mentors are there not for us to rebuild their success but to keep our ambitions in check refuel our inspiration. And a person who thinks only of oneself without considering your sobriety and needs as a person is no mentor at all, no matter how great he may be, because he has already failed to muster the fundamental principles of success: Even the Egyptians learned this and stopped using slave labour for their pyramids.


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