Strands Of Love

This morning I recite Zangotse’s poem trimmed affection, a soaking piece for a daring heart.
~Strands of love~
Like Z to A and Z in my name,
Life isn’t an Alphabet,
It takes Re-righting wrongs to realize life needs a meaning.
A purpose it takes, to course our way in a town’s bursting throng.
Priorities right and spirits lifted with the chins he didst mould.
A little more care and addictive here, are the crowd’s potent dose.
A deeming view and sight I lose, while the crowd soaks in sin.
This warm embrace – that wrungs my arms till wrong feels just right.
What’s this I feel? My thoughts unlearned, a panic stirs yet their sighs hold me still.
My content heart with woe I soil, as my hand reaches theirs.
Act along I say and put a show does my heart beckon on.
This glove I fit that bleeds my core is the world’s filthy cage.
Their tastes I serve with empty words for their morphed greedy guts.
I am but a slave yet my longing made me one.
A circus doll in the devil’s arms.
Why it didst take me excess baggage to realize endings beauty I muse.
I finally know my place, the place I belong,
in the creators arms that await my return with love’s aching smile..
Life isn’t easy as an alphabet, and I finally got to my Z.
By ZAngi

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6 thoughts on “Strands Of Love

        1. godtisx

          Me too. And you know, I am always peeking at your page, waiting for you to return. So do.

          And shuttle over to ma page, if you have some time…


        2. goldenmorals Post author

          Lol certainly so! it’s been a while I never get to steer much no matter how often I tell myself I’m going to switch my gears. I’ll continue peeking in more often 😉 thought you slowed a little after April


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