Enchantress of the forest

The questions I never find answers to. Today I share an experience that every man finds, or at least is sure to encounter if so lucky as never experienced yet. :
My world goes murk! A strange darkness I feel, a friendly dark it is.
A feeling against all laws,
Unafraid, my world so still, the best silence I ever had, when did I learn not to fear?
The walls, outlines of looming figures so real. Vivid shadows yet so serene.
They all bring forth memories of my past, or is it the future? For I recall no such part in my past, a moment so confident, so aware of my exteriors. So alive and unafraid, with tonnes of courage twitching my every muscle.
Could they be memories implanted by the hands of magic? A dark spell by the eerie enchantress.
It is! and it must be! For no logic holds account of this.
An old man turned into a child. A curiosity so welling.
Could it be a whole new world suppressed and locked within me?
A sweat breaks between my pits, a whole new life sprouting from within. Of butterflies hatching from my insides.
Growing by the hour, with the approaching steps of the figure that looms in the darkness.
Will my heart contain the next episodes of life? Will the my pulse dampen? Will my heart finally stop its racing when the footsteps come to halt?
Will I be the same when my eyes meet this walker?
A thousand I’d pay for answers to my mystery quest.
Why were we made to feel this way? Creations capable of love.
My mind cannot comprehend.
A kind so fragile,
A dream so possessive, with thrill so unequaled.
Whoever called this love…..



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