Miss Zambia 2016 Back Stories 

One of the  most notable contestants in this year’s Miss Zambia beauty Pagent is Emmanuela Musonda, with her name now a buzzword on most radio Shows and Online media, she has made it to the top 12 finalists with just days left before the Grandprize of the Main Event  on 17th December 2016. Placed 5th in voting polls of Zambian beauties battling for the crown is a young lady.20. Studying Computer Science at St. Eugene University and part time IT specialist at Deerhurst IT solutions whose smiles hold a sensational story when told.

But this is quite what every other person seeking the crown would say, so I dig deeper into her personal life to find the source of her aspiration:

My Mum was diagnosed with cancer when I was only in ninth Grade. By then I never knew anything about breast cancer and all I knew was I was going to lose my Mum… It’s not easy to be raised by a single parent but it’s even worse when your only remaining source of hope might die too… My depressing days came when she was on chemo, her feet would swell and she wouldn’t walk. I would have to massage her till the swelling stopped and I’d only have four hours sleep while balancing with my ninth grade pressure.”

So when I say it is possible I know it’s possible, I made it through because I knew my life wasn’t done yet and I can be that voice to bring hope to many. People only find it hard to be happy because they see the past better than it was and the present worse than it is

When asked how she intends to make use of the competition (Miss Zambia), to meet her goals, “I know it’s not easy, and the competition has taught me a lot more about being humble but my winning this competition will be a stepping  stone towards advocating for women with breast cancer and will also make my Mother proud”

With only Four days left, fate is yet to decide who takes the crown and how her confidence pays off. Type Mz Emma to 3104 to vote for Emmanuela Musonda.
By goldenmorals


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