Hillside Beach 

I’ve never travelled, so I chose to travel in my words. My childhood dream has been to see the ocean side. With remorse and fear I land back in time at a British prison, in an isolated prison tower, atop a hill at the Devil’s annex with two rough seas (The Tingering) battering the walls of the hillside.

Just how bad can wishes get?

Hill side beach

By the hillside lies my prison walls

With gushing storm the Tingering roars.

The angry seas that mark my days

That crash at the foot of the Lynch man’s hill

Hell it is, beyond disdain

To be held in chills

Between the enemy’s jaws.

The lynch man on one side

And the waves on the other.

Stopping at nothing but my hide.

O coroner of the county court

Decree your mercies upon mine pitiable self.

It was only the sea I sought to see.

By  (goldenmorals –Joseph Kachiliko)


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