An eagle’s might 

Watching the life story of American folk singer  Nina Simone and the unexpected shift of her career uphill by an insignificant and soft spoken manager-nurse, Clifton Henderson  would shove her life back into shape kept me thinking  if his mother ever knew her son would pull such a great Legend, and a stubborn one too, from her mess. 

An impossible comeback that most people never made it through. And with me, my attention moved Simone to Henderson who really earned my respect.

And it reminded me of how slow we all are  to notice the potential of those closest to us. Because we are too used to seeing them doing the average things of every average person that we what’s right under our noses.

But even heroes are ordinary people who only never fear to hatch their dreams. 

And if we are fledglings, then a mother never knows the true might of her young eagles until they fully leave their nest. 


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