Hunters Day on Golden Morals 

Today I created a story of my own. An analogy of business skills you could learn from the trade of hunting. With the hashtag #PrimalSkills on a day I called Hunters Day 

Here a few points from my tweets you might like to learn from. 

  1. Leisure isn’t a bad thing, but it must be earned. A hunter only takes a rest when he has set traps and they’re doing the work for him. 
  2. Sometimes you turn into the Hunted, that’s the law of the ecosystem. Don’t get too psyched by your prey ahead WATCH  YOUR BACK! 
  3. No one owns the woods, you might find other hunters too. You just have to be A STEP AHEAD to make a CATCH. 
  4. The best camouflage is blending in with nature. Not ultra suits or earth-munching Tech, just nature! Keep it SIMPLE  
  5. You can’t hunt what you don’t know. Know your prey and learn its ways, it’s the fundamental law of business.    


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