Easter keynote 

​–The Easter Keynote–

“Do you think I came to bring peace? I came to bring division… Father against son, mother against daughter…”

So I’ve been thinking as any curious fellow would, that finds following through the basic norms of society to be the worst possible ordeal one would ever stand. At least there has to be something out there that hasn’t been done, something beyond the average man, beyond the average life. 

Laws aren’t bad, and living by ordinary standards isn’t bad either. They are all a fair measure of balance and equity that promote co-existence of both the strong and weak. But it’s not enough to live within the confines of the  feasible region and pretend it’s “the only world that exists”. And so I had my What-Ifs about Christianity.

What if devotion to God isn’t exactly what he desires?

It may melt his heart and deeply move him, intensely to love you that you begin to visibly see his graces upon you. You would have been blessed! Perhaps even beyond the blessings of Abraham or beyond Melchizedek! 

But what if you still have it entirely wrong? It may please him to see your undying efforts to distinguish yourself before his presence, but not as much as it would seeing how well you work with your brothers, his creation. 

We might have never seen God, and possibly never will in our current life. But what if working towards helping those we have the capacity to help would the only way of seeing his Holy Countenance, in the eyes of many?

So I came up with a conclusion! The emphasis on love, the longing prayer for our oneness, the parable of the Good Samaritan all must have been speaking the same voice:

A father’s role is first to teach discipline to his children, instilling a certain order in them. Not that he wants to mechanically turn  them into him, but to impart in them the life hacks and wisdom of making it in life. 

And later he takes to the screen to watch them discover their own paths, marveling at their randomness and uniqueness while delighting at their sturdy growth. 

They are all he could wish for, and nothing brings him more joy than simply watching them grow. 

But they are not the only ones that are growing! Soon age catches up with him and new concerns of how they will live in his passing on set in!

It then begins to delight him more to see how well they take care of each other – What good is a man’s success if after his death his family begins to crumble? He may as well pass for a fool for not having to see to their unity in his lifetime.

Soon he realizes having united weaker children would be wiser than having children that would use their strength to tear down everything their father had so earnestly labored to build. 

And the true meaning of Easter perhaps lies in building on the Legacy our risen Christ.


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