“Us” would be inapplicable to define us.
Goldenmorals is a single-person administered Christian blog developed to be a platform for sharing perspectives and inferences about life with societal values.
Righteousness is a lifestyle, attainable by all but will always remain a pipe dream if taken in its abstract form. It is, in its entirety a social independence of free thought manifested in an uninfluenced moral freedom.

At present most denominations preach the gospel of a rigid indigestible code of conduct impossible to be followed by any.
As opposed to the imposed endurance and long suffering in acceptance of old scrolls, it is a practical lifestyle introduced by Christ of simplistic love with the sense of pleasure that comes with extending another’s life by every act of kindness.


A cracked pot can hold sugar

We stimulate free thought in these lines among other posts.

About Author

Joseph Kachiliko is a University student currently studying at two institutions with writing as his third (3rd) occupation. By him, the world is interconnected and there is no better way of learning than broadening one’s perspective and sources of knowledge. “Whether you are a doctor or a salesman we serve a common end buyer, man, thus ideas can be borrowed from one occupation and applied in another.”

He believes education and writing are two ways of learning about oneself and in turn learning about fellow man in a world of coexistence and interdependence.
Over-ambition is always known to come with its consequences but he believes, “Preoccupation is the very mark of existence.”



Visit Joseph, Masomo Scholarship Foundation (Canada) 2015 awardee of Next Gen Zambia’s visionary leaders on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-kachiliko-83b92265


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