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I Just Shot An Owl

My perspective of Mankind:

I just shot an owl,
Don’t ask me how,
Or why an act so foul
T’was for my senses to dull.

He was up in a tree, my prey.
A horrid looking bird up there.
And suddenly my heart leapt in the most morbid way.
With nothing but murder to bring content.

A flaw in nature’s beauty
Mustn’t roam the earth, thought I
Lest the beautiful take offence.
Yet there perched one such creature,
And I without pity meant to dispose

Plop, plop, plop beat my heart,
In that one moment our eyes met,
Mine behind the spy glass, and his before the barrel
Of the cold unpitying marshal, that held his fate in scales
Each discerning the emptiness of our worlds.

In a moment our loathes exposed,
Mine of a world with obvious ugliness,
And his of ugliness masked in beauty,
Yet none wanting to be wrong

My world must triumph said I,
A pound of flesh to ugliness,
– And woe to the poignant and horrid of the creatures,
Reeled my heart in favor, in the cold caress of my gun.

POW! I heard a splinter fly, POW! From the mechanic bosom of my gun,
Was my job o’er? Was it done?
Stooping forth I probed, disposed of gun from my cheeks.
And woe a revelation!

What did I just do?
My insides turned to prod,
Irked by the warmth coursing to my cheeks
A heart was returning in me, and fear struck within me.

Did I just take a life?
A pulse was fading in the bushes,
A life was waning in the bushes
Yanking at the heart of its murderous foe.

I just shot an owl, for no reason but I could.
I must be a horrid living creature, now.
The most horrible of them all.

-Joseph Kachiliko (Golden Morals)


Midnight thought 

Sometimes you look at people and tend to wonder why you’ve never seen this side of them before. And when they get to speak, your jaw just drops in awe. They’re just so remarkable! 

But their charm lies in rarity or in others, diversity. They’re amazing because they never show this side of them in every ordinary event.

– They don’t have the same outfit for every occasion –

Easter keynote 

​–The Easter Keynote–

“Do you think I came to bring peace? I came to bring division… Father against son, mother against daughter…”

So I’ve been thinking as any curious fellow would, that finds following through the basic norms of society to be the worst possible ordeal one would ever stand. At least there has to be something out there that hasn’t been done, something beyond the average man, beyond the average life. 

Laws aren’t bad, and living by ordinary standards isn’t bad either. They are all a fair measure of balance and equity that promote co-existence of both the strong and weak. But it’s not enough to live within the confines of the  feasible region and pretend it’s “the only world that exists”. And so I had my What-Ifs about Christianity.

What if devotion to God isn’t exactly what he desires?

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Silent Hate 

We all are capable of LOVE . It’s in our marrow. And we’re capable of HATE too. 

It all depends on which one we decide to feed. Even those we know to be broken and cold have one flint that warms their hearts. And sometimes we are the murderers that make them monsters -killing their only hope of belonging, with our unconcern to show them the light that glows inside them. 

Some people are less fortunate to steer their own ship. But it’s the people they lean on that decide whether they’ll make it to the shore. 

I’m in love with what I cannot touch 

The truth in its bare bones, I write on the remnants of what society once was. Or at least what we always hope it to be. 

I’m in love with what I cannot touch, 

It’s at the back of my mind 

Sometimes almost within my reach

I cannot make its outlines in the blurriness of my mind

Its touch is of snowflakes melting at the very touch of my hand

Like wilted petals it crumbles,

Like ashes it falters within my palms

Unable to stomach the injustices of life.

Its form is of foam 

Vanishing in the very heat of reality

I’m in love with what I cannot touch

Its faint lips chime my ears with melodies of our inseparable love

Peace, trust and honesty are the maiden names of my bride

The utmost foundation of my pride

The purest seed ever known

But such a personality society would not condone 

With her demise they chose a replacement,

“A sister of reality”,  they say,

-“A fitting match of my deceased”, they utter 

Yet in her way –

A contrast of all things that matter

Peace love and honesty she tears to bits,

Crashing every inch of my wits

In agony.

In their place, she breeds pretense, deceit and lies beyond measure

What is life if man cannot wish?

What are wishes if they never hold any truth?

Cast me in sleep never to wake again.

Hillside Beach 

I’ve never travelled, so I chose to travel in my words. My childhood dream has been to see the ocean side. With remorse and fear I land back in time at a British prison, in an isolated prison tower, atop a hill at the Devil’s annex with two rough seas (The Tingering) battering the walls of the hillside. Continue reading

with bathe water …

Prince Arslan only 16 leading his Calvary of not just soldiers but sworn friends ready slay their lives for a perfect future.

Lessons can be packed I’m the most unsuspecting places easily tossed off with the bathe water .  Whether you get to decode meaning or not depends on one’s patience and willingness to lower lower one’s  pride and draw inference. One of the best lesson packed media content is a Japanese animation. Arslan Senki Continue reading