The Value of a Name 

My thoughts on names and their significance. 

Names are nothing but footsteps, they mark a trail of where we have been. Sometimes a good name can walk right past us into our future, working wonders of a genie. 

But they can be a prison box too, narrowing one’s horizon to a stone throw. Limiting every effort to the extent of only what the name defines. Much like an invisible leash that keeps yanking at our throats. 

Thus when choosing a good name, put into account your aspirations and vision of what you wish to become. 

I keep battling with the best choice for a brand name. And even after I have given a name, I am forever uncertain if I had made the best choice. 

-Only few recognize the importance of a carefully thought out name.-


Strange happenings of 21st Century 

We live in a funny world. Power lies where we least expect it, the stiffer bearuacrats get shoved out of office. Tradition is a dangerous word to associate with a business. You’ve got to act when the wave says act. And that’s because no one holds a leash on markets any more. They’re just a school  of random fish that nobody can tame. 

But the one funny thing about these happenings is seeing bosses get so worked out even a tiny customer complaint, they just might lick your shoes clean if you wish it. 

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Signs You’re Not Making Progress In Life

Have you ever wondered why husbands never really get to know their neighbors next door? It’s because they’re always working to get the next pay check for breakfast. Of course that’s subject  to countless interpretation but we stick to that for now.
Have you ever imagined mounting a scooter on a treadmill? Or even wondered whether it would balance? My bet is it could perfectly balance and you could ride on it, as if it were on the ground. You would only possibly fall after turning off both the treadmill and the scooter, and that leads me to my next conclusion: air resistance plays no role in ultimately keeping us from falling off bikes.

So what then causes one to stay up balanced when riding? – The very focus on the road ahead. And it is this we have learned from our earliest days of riding two wheelers. Something a six year old would relate to. 

Life bears certain similarities to a scooter and two wheeler, you only realize the threats of your surrounding when you stop pedling. You notice how uneven the ground is and how easy it is for you to fall, when you stop riding. None of which you had realized while wheeling this piece of metal with a mono-linear touch to the ground. 

It’s not like the air flow kept you afloat while you were riding, but fear kicked in as soon as you hit the brakes – taking away every sense of effort that you had prior to braking. 

Here are a few points that might suggest you are not making progress with your life:

1. You are more angry and irate than ever.

It’s only natural to take to your defenses when you feel threatened.

They probably already know.” As your thoughts are so open to you, you get to feel your thoughts have already betrayed you and your cat is out of the bag, causing you to panic thoughtlessly and making you paranoid.

2. It’s always a Monday

Everybody hates the first day after a weekend. But when in the non-progress zone, every day is a Monday. Projects see no progress and the schedule becomes less  tidy with several unfinished old projects and a few new clusters spilling off the page.

3. Looming deadlines

You’re cornered to the last inch with every postponed project pointing at your throat. Too close to even swallow hard, and your only way out is plucking a few sour grapes: “It wasn’t meant to work out after all.”

4. Egocentric 

You now keep yourself from helping others. You don’t want them catching up with you. But who catches up with an accelerating car?

Help goes both ways. It refines your angle of thought, exposes your process models to critique and builds on weaknesses. It is an evolutionary process that revolutionizes the battlefield.

5. Amplify others’ flaws

Flaws are meant to be pointers to learning. Stakes used to silently draw lesson, while thanking God you didn’t have to experience it firsthand. Perpetrators of mistakes ought to be revered for being your teachers and not mocked. Only a fool delights at another’s failure to shield their own weakness.

6. Gets over-excited over small fish.

Small fish are small fish and nothing changes, despite how well you describe them. 

In fear of never being able to sail in deep waters again, one frets over the possibility of having lost their touch and begins to spend more time retelling their old glory days, to mask their fear of trying again. Having once ridden so well forces a learner to avoid trying out to ride in public just so to avoid a possible fall. And that slowly takes away even the little skill initially learned. 

being content with one achievement and not wanting to make a second attempt, fearing you might fail.– that’s how you know you’re not making progress in life. 

Watch what I don’t do 

It’s so amazing how we quickly lose ourselves in fun when we are among friends. It’s as if we become young again, throwing caution to the wind and enjoying the merriest fun our craziness can invent!!! It’s a mutual feeling known to all living beings. No one knows age when it comes to fun. And no one mistakes friendship when they see it, it’s as if the stars were set to mark this magical bond. 

But what if there is no “We” in your friendship? What if the only other person having fun is your mirrored image of your imagination? What if you  don’t even know your best friend’s granny’s name?

Or what if you do not even  know your best friend’s real hobby? Not the road-racing or sightseeing or matchmaking that you often do together. That’s You! And your “best-friend” has only been doing his best to live up to your psych. 

Every single one of us might have the slightest shed of guilt on this one. But there are always remedies to everything. And this just might save you from a future emotional eruption.  

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Midnight thought 

Sometimes you look at people and tend to wonder why you’ve never seen this side of them before. And when they get to speak, your jaw just drops in awe. They’re just so remarkable! 

But their charm lies in rarity or in others, diversity. They’re amazing because they never show this side of them in every ordinary event.

– They don’t have the same outfit for every occasion –

Easter keynote 

​–The Easter Keynote–

“Do you think I came to bring peace? I came to bring division… Father against son, mother against daughter…”

So I’ve been thinking as any curious fellow would, that finds following through the basic norms of society to be the worst possible ordeal one would ever stand. At least there has to be something out there that hasn’t been done, something beyond the average man, beyond the average life. 

Laws aren’t bad, and living by ordinary standards isn’t bad either. They are all a fair measure of balance and equity that promote co-existence of both the strong and weak. But it’s not enough to live within the confines of the  feasible region and pretend it’s “the only world that exists”. And so I had my What-Ifs about Christianity.

What if devotion to God isn’t exactly what he desires?

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