Easter keynote 

​–The Easter Keynote–

“Do you think I came to bring peace? I came to bring division… Father against son, mother against daughter…”

So I’ve been thinking as any curious fellow would, that finds following through the basic norms of society to be the worst possible ordeal one would ever stand. At least there has to be something out there that hasn’t been done, something beyond the average man, beyond the average life. 

Laws aren’t bad, and living by ordinary standards isn’t bad either. They are all a fair measure of balance and equity that promote co-existence of both the strong and weak. But it’s not enough to live within the confines of the  feasible region and pretend it’s “the only world that exists”. And so I had my What-Ifs about Christianity.

What if devotion to God isn’t exactly what he desires?

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My Table calls! 

​Hey guys, I’ve finally broken my silence, I got too busy soaking myself in a new exciting theory that sparked my imagination! 

Of life being Magic and how certain fakes easily pass for originals easier than originals themselves. 

I can’t wait to share some of my thoughts on the two subjects with you in my next blog posts!!!

Breaks really amazing! 

Tender regards, GM. 😉

Silent Hate 

We all are capable of LOVE . It’s in our marrow. And we’re capable of HATE too. 

It all depends on which one we decide to feed. Even those we know to be broken and cold have one flint that warms their hearts. And sometimes we are the murderers that make them monsters -killing their only hope of belonging, with our unconcern to show them the light that glows inside them. 

Some people are less fortunate to steer their own ship. But it’s the people they lean on that decide whether they’ll make it to the shore. 

Evasive delusion 

​My best formula about life is being in sync with my heart and getting a bird’s view of my surroundings to assume absolute control of my forte. And that applies to dreams too 

 You can dream and that is a  fine thing. A perfect way to set higher goals in life.   But don’t let your dreams consume you, or you will be left with nothing but loathe and distaste for reality. 

Clarity Through The Spyglass 

​Life is a camera, you can only view a handful within its frame, you choose which angle to shoot, what lighting to use  and what perspective to pick. And for every object there are a thousand pictures to make, with a every picture holding a thousand stories. 

And that’s enough to put you on a wrong trail. You just have to still your hand and listen with your heart to find the right angle. But even then comes the ability to make clear. 

Clarity lies in distance,get too close and you will be blinded by the obscurity of life. Walk too far and you will glimpse naught.  It’s like watching a treeline with your heart as the best judge of distance and ‘near’ being its greatest weakness.  

-Some  things are clearer from a spy glass. 

Hunters Day on Golden Morals 

Today I created a story of my own. An analogy of business skills you could learn from the trade of hunting. With the hashtag #PrimalSkills on a day I called Hunters Day 

Here a few points from my tweets you might like to learn from. 

  1. Leisure isn’t a bad thing, but it must be earned. A hunter only takes a rest when he has set traps and they’re doing the work for him. 
  2. Sometimes you turn into the Hunted, that’s the law of the ecosystem. Don’t get too psyched by your prey ahead WATCH  YOUR BACK! 
  3. No one owns the woods, you might find other hunters too. You just have to be A STEP AHEAD to make a CATCH. 
  4. The best camouflage is blending in with nature. Not ultra suits or earth-munching Tech, just nature! Keep it SIMPLE  
  5. You can’t hunt what you don’t know. Know your prey and learn its ways, it’s the fundamental law of business.    

The Charm of a Smile

A bright smile is like a sweet scented rose , from afar it draws even the wildest bees. Its steady petals display control of its environment.

– goldenmorals

One major element in Business marketing  is a smile. It puts you in full control and keeps all competition at arms length.
It especially pans out well in digital marketing where one has little or no knowledge of the provider’s character.

What passion is to me

Passion and character are like young seedlings, brother and sister. Tend them and feed them enough water and they will grow into fine trees. 

And when drought sets in and all pools about to dry, shield their roots from the scorching sun always seeing to their growth and they will sure blossom and reward every effort of labor with a smile only known to you alone. 

And before you realize it, they would have changed your heart from inside out into bolder person you never were. 

consistency, determination and innovation are the mother of great impossibilities 


An eagle’s might 

Watching the life story of American folk singer  Nina Simone and the unexpected shift of her career uphill by an insignificant and soft spoken manager-nurse, Clifton Henderson  would shove her life back into shape kept me thinking  if his mother ever knew her son would pull such a great Legend, and a stubborn one too, from her mess. 

An impossible comeback that most people never made it through. And with me, my attention moved Simone to Henderson who really earned my respect.

And it reminded me of how slow we all are  to notice the potential of those closest to us. Because we are too used to seeing them doing the average things of every average person that we what’s right under our noses.

But even heroes are ordinary people who only never fear to hatch their dreams. 

And if we are fledglings, then a mother never knows the true might of her young eagles until they fully leave their nest.