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Watch what I don’t do 

It’s so amazing how we quickly lose ourselves in fun when we are among friends. It’s as if we become young again, throwing caution to the wind and enjoying the merriest fun our craziness can invent!!! It’s a mutual feeling known to all living beings. No one knows age when it comes to fun. And no one mistakes friendship when they see it, it’s as if the stars were set to mark this magical bond. 

But what if there is no “We” in your friendship? What if the only other person having fun is your mirrored image of your imagination? What if you  don’t even know your best friend’s granny’s name?

Or what if you do not even  know your best friend’s real hobby? Not the road-racing or sightseeing or matchmaking that you often do together. That’s You! And your “best-friend” has only been doing his best to live up to your psych. 

Every single one of us might have the slightest shed of guilt on this one. But there are always remedies to everything. And this just might save you from a future emotional eruption.  

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Silent Hate 

We all are capable of LOVE . It’s in our marrow. And we’re capable of HATE too. 

It all depends on which one we decide to feed. Even those we know to be broken and cold have one flint that warms their hearts. And sometimes we are the murderers that make them monsters -killing their only hope of belonging, with our unconcern to show them the light that glows inside them. 

Some people are less fortunate to steer their own ship. But it’s the people they lean on that decide whether they’ll make it to the shore. 

Tick-tock clock struck 365days

mulenga.jpgThe clock has turned around again. Anniversary badges decorate my mailbox.
Like any anniversary I feel belated. My heart smiles with content, a feeling of belonging swells within my chest as I ponder over all I have gained in blogging.
By writing I have flooded the walls with emotions and endearment as my thoughts flowed with my hand. And in return I have watched myself grow.
Like a nurse I have graphed my growth, beyond the bounds of a prisoner his own success it ascends yet still in my infancy of this lifestyle.
Fame,importance and fairy overnight-success were the primal wants I hoped to find in blogging yet little had I known that blogging was nothing but an extension of one’s own self. 
Like the real society, it has friendship, love and trust which can be earned with time and shared by those worthy of it.
Happy anniversary to you readers!!!!  

A Cracked Pot Will Hold Sugar



Can you remember the last time you had a traumatic turn out of events, when you had reached your breaking point?

It’s one horrible nightmare not worth recalling when one is in the best of  moods. When hardships cross one’s threshold, despair seems to be the only alternative. But despair is never a solution to anything.

A traumatic situation may or may not leave deep festering wounds but I believe a cracked pot can hold sugar and this is what has seen me through those long tearful sleepless nights of life. It is one rewarding maxim that has embedded within it three cardinal pillars namely: determination, perseverance and flexibility (modification). And has the ability to drive hardship back to its filthy hole.

Afflictions will always be there in life but it is one’s ability to modify one’s already set course of achieving preset goals when problems cause irreversible impact that distinguishes man from a robot.

We, like automobiles can breakdown at the least expected minute but it is our degree of determination that determines how far our initial momentum can take us off road to safety before getting run over by other motorists.

Yet if this determination is coupled with flexibility, we can improvise on the faulty part while maintaining our speed and hence without the closest motorists even noticing we can get it fixed and zoom off. And this is the greatest skill that all prominent entrepreneurs have mustered.

Don’t let ill fate bring forth anger and despair, for when these two merge they drive nails into your own coffin, when you are worth more than a hundred pound mass of decaying matter.

Don’t get discouraged to try out   new ideas for fear of messing up. In case you didn’t know, there is no such thing as a full-born genius but a bundle of experience, so you might just be denying yourself a chance of becoming one of those bundles of experience, when fear is basically known to nothing more than False Expectations Appearing Real.

New Year’s message

We would like to wish you all a joyous 2014. May this added year increase your maturity, care for others, love and frequency of making analyses on all events of life because as Golden morals we believe Wisdom is not necessarily determined by the years that you live on this Earth but by how much you learn from the experiences you go through in life, the experiences of others and the discoveries you make about this vast nature.