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Watch what I don’t do 

It’s so amazing how we quickly lose ourselves in fun when we are among friends. It’s as if we become young again, throwing caution to the wind and enjoying the merriest fun our craziness can invent!!! It’s a mutual feeling known to all living beings. No one knows age when it comes to fun. And no one mistakes friendship when they see it, it’s as if the stars were set to mark this magical bond. 

But what if there is no “We” in your friendship? What if the only other person having fun is your mirrored image of your imagination? What if you  don’t even know your best friend’s granny’s name?

Or what if you do not even  know your best friend’s real hobby? Not the road-racing or sightseeing or matchmaking that you often do together. That’s You! And your “best-friend” has only been doing his best to live up to your psych. 

Every single one of us might have the slightest shed of guilt on this one. But there are always remedies to everything. And this just might save you from a future emotional eruption.  

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